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Contact Management Best Practices

A Guide to Keeping Your Database Clean!
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Not sure if it’s Jenny or Jenni that you should include in the email you’re sending out? Have you spent too much time sifting through various entries for the same contact, trying to decipher which one has the information you need? Then, perhaps it’s time to create a database maintenance plan.

Did you know that your cluttered database could imply something much more than the need to spruce up your contacts? You could be sitting on personal information that could put your business in jeopardy, and cost you up to €20 million in fines. Our contact management best practices guide gives you tips to improve the quality of your data and the steps needed to safeguard your business from GDPR infringement. 

Interested in how to manage contacts and business client information more efficiently? Here’s what you’ll learn in our guide: 

  • How to identify and revise inactive contacts
  • Tips on how to consolidate categories and types
  • How to locate and remove duplicate contacts
  • Implement periodic database checks
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