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NYFW: Men’s F/W16 — Fashion Week According to the Data

Discover the real impact of influencers with data.
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The fashion industry is amidst a major turning point with the explosive growth of social media — communication methods with consumers have evolved and product promotion no longer follows “traditional” guidelines. Fashion brands are reconstructing their strategies in lieu of this digital transformation and are looking to implement influencer marketing tactics to reach their customers at fashion shows.

This white paper digs into the impact of social media influencers at NYFW:Men’s F/W 2016. We studied how members of the fashion industry are significantly revolutionizing the digital impact of shows and what this means for fashion media coverage.

What you’ll learn…

  • The most influential guests.
  • Influencers impact on fashion shows.
  • Geographical reach of influencers.
  • Conclusions about the show.
Download this complimentary ebook