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Data on the Runway 2020: Decoding Key Industry Shifts Through the Data

fashion week data report 2020

In our latest report, Data on the Runway 2020, we examine the key shifts that the fashion industry is going through and the impact they have on the four major fashion weeks and the brands hosting at them. Diving into the data behind the Fall/Winter 2019 and Spring/Summer 2020 seasons held in New York, London, Milan, and Paris, we present an analysis of each fashion week, as well as comparing how the two seasons performed in terms of their MIV®. You will also learn about the Voices generating the highest value and gain insights into the marketing strategies that are being deployed on the runway by the world’s biggest fashion houses.

Additionally, industry experts share their views on the evolution of fashion and the major fashion weeks, offering insights into the industry shifts that are shaping the sector today.

In this fashion week data report 2020, you will find:

  • An analysis of the data behind the world’s top 4 global fashion weeks and an exploration of the Voices and their Value.
  • A comparison of the Fall/Winter 2019 and Spring/Summer 2020 seasons.
  • The top 20 brands from each season ranked by MIV®.
  • 5 studies on key industry shifts and how they are reflected in the data.
  • Insights from industry experts behind brands such as RÆBURN and Ecoalf.
  • An extra downloadable of the rankings of the top-performing brands from each fashion week during each season.

More about the report:

You'll learn about the changing format of fashion week, the importance of diversity & Inclusion On and Off the Catwalk, the front row evolution and the urgency to impact new regions and market as well as integrating sustainability. These key industry shifts are part of the biggest conversations shaping the fashion industry today, ultimately influencing marketing strategies and decision-makers. You'll also be able to gain insights from industry leaders as well as exploring how House of Holland was able to see a massive jump in their MIV® in their SS20 show.

Finally, you will access as a PDF download, the top shows per season, ranked by MIV®, compiled in this fashion week data report 2020. Download the report to help you defining your strategy in the face of the challenges that the sector is experiencing.