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Data on the Runway SS//2018 Report

An in-depth data analysis of the 4 major fashion weeks
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Fashion Week has transformed over the last few years, evolving from a once industry-insider event to a global platform where brands can connect with consumers around the world. Digital innovations and globalization have made it possible for influencers and designers to engage with a public that was once unreachable.

In order to understand how these changes are impacting the runway and the industry, we have created this comprehensive report in which a detailed analysis of the top 4 fashion weeks was carried out: New York, London, Milan and Paris.

Data on the Runway SS2018 is the first edition of an annual Fashion Week report we are able to bring you thanks to our expertise in data and analytics combined with over a decade of experience working with brands and influencers.

Not only have we examined the current situation, but we’ve also asked industry leaders to weigh in on what the future of Fashion Week looks like.

What you’ll discover in this report…

  • A benchmark analysis of the top international fashion weeks: New York, London, Milan and Paris.
  • A breakdown of which influencers had the most measurable influence during each Fashion Week.
  • Insightful interviews with leading industry members from the four fashion capitals.
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