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Marketing Reset: A Data Snapshot of the Fashion Industry

industry analysis of fashion industry

Following our recent report, Marketing Reset: The Voices Impacting Brand Performance during Covid-19 which focused on the leading strategies during a global pandemic in fashion, luxury, and beauty, we have created an industry-specific analysis. The fashion industry has long had expectations to go 'digital', and Covid has only accelerated this process, with the introduction of digital showrooms, events, influencer campaigns, fashion shows and more. With the influx in popularity of mass market e-comm brands, it is interesting to see how companies across the fashion industry reacted and responded to Covid, and which specific Voices outperformed the rest.

In this data snapshot, we analyzed the most valuable Voices for luxury, premium, and mass market fashion brands, in order to provide a brief look at how the global pandemic has impacted marketing strategies.

In this data snapshot, you will learn:

  • The top performing Voices in the fashion industry, through a comparative trimester analysis.
  • The top posts and influencers for luxury, premium and mass market brands.
  • An in depth analysis of each sector including data analysis and industry evolution as compared to 2019.

More about the fashion industry analysis snapshot:

In this fashion industry analysis, we examine the performance of marketing activities before and during Covid-19, across the five main Voices: Celebrities, Influencers, Media, Owned Media, and Partners for luxury, premium and mass-market fashion. We explore how the pandemic has impacted fashion brands and what steps you should take to stay ahead of the curve following the global pandemic. We also delve into how celebrities remain a key value earner and we explore celebrities active in the fashion industry such as Kylie Jenner, Justin Bieber, and Dua Lipa.

Download it to get all the insights in order to create a successful reset marketing strategy for your fashion brand!