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How to Create the Perfect Brief for Your Influencer Marketing Campaigns

A Best Practice Guide that will improve your relationships with influencers
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Creators defined their number one challenge when working with brands as ‘unclear creative briefs.’ When it comes to executing a successful campaign partnership between an influencer and brand, communication is key, but clear communication is essential. Most brands in the fashion, luxury, and beauty industries stated that they see the most return from long-term partnerships with an individual or group of influencers. And, in order to build lasting and fruitful relationships your first (and every campaign) needs to run seamlessly from start to finish.

In this comprehensive guide, we walk through the steps in creating a successful campaign, from approaching and briefing influencers to communicating and relationship-building. The guide also includes a template for creating the perfect influencer brief, in order to reduce content revisions and provide full campaign visibility from the get-go. Influencers are one of the key Voices that help brands build value in the fashion, luxury, and beauty space today, so these best practices should be top of mind when it comes to your campaigns.

In this guide, you will learn: 

  • How to brief influencers effectively, without missing any steps (includes influencer brief template)
  • How to select the right partners that will communicate your brand voice and resonate with your consumers
  • The best practices for communicating with influencers throughout your campaigns
  • What influencers look for when it comes to their brand partnerships
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