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The State of Influencer Marketing in Fashion, Luxury & Cosmetics 2018

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For our 4th annual State of Influencer Marketing report, not only have we surveyed 600 fashion, luxury and cosmetic professionals, but we’ve also counted on the opinions of 200 influencers and held an exclusive interview with Garance Doré. The data gathered from the industry experts and the influencers themselves, along with our expertise and ability to benchmark the data with past years’ results, make up this thorough report in which you will obtain a 360 degree view on the landscape of influencer marketing.

Throughout our extensive analysis, you will find comprehensive data on the many different influencer-scenarios, channels, tactics, and challenges associated with influencer marketing for fashion, luxury, and cosmetic brands around the world.

We hope that you find it all very relevant and useful for the development of future campaigns and strategies with the new “holy grail” of the industry: influencers.

What you'll discover in this report...

  • Influencer marketing landscape
  • Top tactics used by fashion brands
  • An exclusive interview with Garance Doré, French photographer, illustrator and author, best known for her fashion blog
  • Main channels for campaign development
  • The Influencers’ point of view on this industry practice
  • Main challenges fashion brands experience
  • Key takeaways for the future

More about this report:

This edition of The State of Influencer Marketing report will help you better understand the direction that this trend is taking, but you will also gain insights from the other side, the influencers themselves. We’ve surveyed over 200 influencers and dedicated a section just for them to obtain a global perspective. You'll learn 10 key takeaways to manage Influencer Marketing like a pro such as the best tactics, tools, and budgets. We also invite you to take a look at the data and conclusions in this report, apart from our exclusive interview with Garance Doré.

Download the report to find all very relevant and useful informations for the development of your future campaigns and strategies with influencers, how to maximize efforts to enhance brand performance and Media Impact Value™ generation.