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Front Row to Consumer

front row to consumer

Fashion Week – a once private, industry affair – has become an international, digital experience where anyone around the world can take part from their phone and computer screens. Influencers, consumers, the media and even brands’ owned media are some of the voices contributing to the impact of Fashion Weeks in this digital era, from front row to consumer.

With this shift in the industry and the heightening costs of putting on a runway show, it’s increasingly essential to measure the value of these events, to truly understand the impact and whether the investment is worth it for brands.

Launchmetrics and the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) have come together to build this report to examine these changes and to understand how these voices have contributed to the changing landscape of Fashion Weeks. More than 400 designers have been analyzed with Launchmetrics’ Media Impact Value™ algorithm to bring visibility to the real value of fashion shows today worldwide.

What you’ll discover in this report…

  • A detailed analysis of the voices contributing to the value of Fashion Weeks.
  • A breakdown of which voices had the most influence for the top 10 designer brands from New York, London, Paris & Milan.
  • An in-depth look at how the Influence Funnel has changed the customer acquisition process.

More about the this report:

In this report in you'll discover who the voices that are contributing to the impact of Fashion Week and the true value of fashion shows in today's digital era both on & offline. We analyze the shifts in the industry, not just in New York, but worldwide thanks to our MIV algorithm. We highlight how traditional media still remain the most important source for coverage during shows, or that brand like Coach activated more customers directly during their show than any of its peers.

While the industry is continuously evolving, we aim to inspire your and your brand to embrace the shifts in the market, rethink the way you can engage new voices and more effectively communicate the story of each of your unique collection. Download the report to get all the insights!