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5 Scenarios + 5 Interactive Press Release Templates to Rock PR at Fashion Shows

interactive press releases

Communication is important for the success of any product launch. But when it comes to fashion shows, an impeccable communication strategy is vital to get the right coverage for a new line. And how do brands communicate the details about a new collection to massive audiences? Well, for communication and PR professionals, the easiest way to get that kind of content out there is to send interactive press releases.

However, more and more people working in fashion PR and communication are finding it difficult to catch their audiences’ attention with a traditional press release. Does this mean that journalists, influencers and communities aren't interested in consuming brands' content?

We think not. While the traditional style and method for creating and distributing press releases may have ended, it doesn't mean that the concept is ineffective — audiences just want this kind of content in a different way.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • How to create interactive press releases for 5 different fashion show scenarios.
  • Which elements are crucial to include to make your next fashion show press release interactive.
  • How to redistribute the hierarchy of information using visual elements to generate more interaction.

More about this guide:

In order to enrich and digitalize your press notes, we highlight in this guide the importance of, and how to broadcast new development, introduce a new collection, feature new hire as well as 10 quick tips for your next digital press release.

Download this report to put some pep into your content using these 5 templates. You'll also get some inspiration to rock the launch of your latest collection and get the visibility that all your hard work truly deserves in order to boost overall brand performance and Media Impact Value™ generation.