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How to Use Beauty Category Data in Your Marketing Strategy

A guide to understanding beauty category trends and leveraging data for your marketing strategy.

Ready to Leverage Beauty Category Marketing Data?

Beauty is an ever-expanding industry comprised of countless products, categories, and marketing nuances. Meanwhile, the sector is bursting with new and diverse beauty competition. The release of products and lines has become relentless.

Many brands are venturing into new markets to increase revenue. Others are trying to make a name for themselves in their chosen category, or simply maintain a high-ranking position in the market.

Either way, the biggest mistake beauty brands make in their strategy approach is catering their strategies to the wider industry landscape. It's a surefire way to fall at the first hurdle.

By understanding relevant and niche beauty category data, brands can create a more informed and impactful launch to market. Get ready to stand out from the competition.

Our Beauty Product Marketing eGuide covers the following:

  • Cross-category and market trends
  • Understanding beauty category opportunity
  • Category insights by region
  • Voice category data: who will best amplify your product's message?
  • How to measure beauty category marketing success

Instead of wasting marketing efforts and budget on a generalized approach, brands should analyze competitor activity and regional trends to see what does and doesn't work. This also includes comparing 'apples to apples' - benchmarking your product against that of your competitors.

So, whether you're operating in Haircare, Skincare, Makeup, Fragrance, or any of the many beauty marketing categories, marketing teams should be analyzing activity in their specified region. But what are some of the current category trends and competitor activity that's making a beauty category impact and could inspire your own campaigns?

Ready to build a more nuanced, category-specific, and region-focused beauty marketing strategy? Download our eGuide now to better understand the beauty industry landscape and all of its categories. Enhance your beauty marketing strategy, no matter the region, and achieve measured success in your targeted space today.