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Making Sense of Sustainability

A Data Analysis on Sustainability within the Fashion Industry for the CNMI by Launchmetrics
Launchmetrics and CNMI partner to talk about sustainability in fashion industry.

Sustainability is without a doubt one of the biggest issues confronting the fashion industry. However, the industry is looking to make changes and some brands have started to completely shift their business models.

In this report, we are looking into what sustainability really means for the industry. To do so, we analyze the MIV® generated by the terms most employed in conversations around sustainability and beyond.

Deep dive into the top Channels that talk about sustainability, the best Voices to start the conversation with, and some of the most impactful sustainable campaigns out there in the fashion industry.

In this report, you will find

  • What sustainability means to the Fashion industry in MIV®.
  • Raising awareness on Sustainability through the top Channels and Voices.
  • A look at impactful sustainable campaigns in the fashion industry.
  • The sustainable solutions of the future for a more progressive industry.

More about this report:

It’s just a matter of time before brands stop trying to go sustainable and realize they already are. If you are there it's critical to understand what is resonating with the consumers today in terms of Voices, Channels, and Campaigns.

Learn all that our proprietary algorithm value, Media Impact Value™, and you will have the right answers to take ownership of your brand and drive your strategy into sustainable solutions of the future.