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Men’s Paris Fashion Week® & Haute Couture Week: Data Insights by Launchmetrics

All the key data from this iconic and fast-growing event.

Are you looking for unlimited access to the data, activity, and evolution of Men’s Paris Fashion Week® and Haute Couture Week?

Our report identifies and breaks down the pivotal data from this season to inform your future Fashion strategies.

We examine crucial trends including regional insights, so you know which markets are engaging most with certain shows and messaging. We dive into the influential Voices that could offer inspiration for future potential partnerships. Do you know which channels made the most Media Impact Value™ (MIV®) across Paris Fashion Week Men's® and Haute Couture Week? Gain access to all of this information and so much more.

Discover actionable takeaways that can help your brand harness the growing opportunities emerging from these increasingly significant events.

In this report, you will find:

  • Discover the Brands that drove the highest MIV® across both events
  • Gain a Global Understanding of Paris Fashion Week®
  • The Voices Driving Paris Fashion Week® Interest
  • The Regions proving to be a brand's biggest Paris Fashion Week® asset
  • Which Channels best amplify event buzz
  • How you can make true MIV®