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8 Ways Sample Management Can Improve Profitability

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Fashion & luxury brands are struggling with profitability as trends are pushing toward faster, more frequent product drops due to demands from a growing audience of Millennial and Gen Z consumers. Sample management for fashion businesses is key to boosting overall brand performance.

Unsold inventory is on the rise and brands like H&M, for example, reported operating profits falling by 62% in three months while sitting on $4.3 billion worth of leftover products. Furthermore, poor sample management processes can decrease productivity by over 80%, making it crucial for fashion brands to stay on top of samples if they want to reduce their costs and increase profitability.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • The eight steps you need to consider when it comes to sample management.
  • Key insights about the current sample processes of top brands in the fashion industry.
  • Exclusive insights from industry experts.

More about the eBook:

Profitability has become a growing challenge as brands are pushing toward faster, more frequent product drops to target a new generation. In order to increase operating profits for your brand and reduce waste, we put together this eBook, where you'll learn 8 different ways real brands have accelerated time-to-market and improved their bottom line through effective sample management for fashion businesses.

In this short guide, we demonstrate the importance of an effective sample management system and its impact on profitability and overall brand performance. Download it to get all the insights!