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5 Ways Sample Tracking Technology Will Help You Beat Your Competitors

sample tracking technology

A large e-tailer has said that tracking physical assets via sample tracking technology throughout their supply chain, all the way from production to PR, has significantly reduced the time spent receiving a sample from a warehouse and searching for lost samples.

Sample tracking enables brands and retailers to keep track of where samples are going. This could also mean a major bonus to your insights before a collection launches to market.

In this report, you'll learn:

  • How a sample-tracking system will accelerate your launch to market.
  • Increase collaboration between teams and gain more exposure for your collection.
  • The true value of a sample in terms of production, distribution and media coverage.

More about this report on sample tracking technology:

Sample management platforms and sample tracking technology take the stress out of locating samples and managing requests. They also help create visibility to ensure your top contact isn’t missed when creating your send-outs. In this report, we highlight the 6 key takeaways that your brand can benefit from these platforms.

Download this report to get a glimpse into how you can simplify your sample traffic process, and boost overall brand performance and Media Impact Value™ generation.