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The State of Measurement 2022

Focused on the Fashion, Luxury & Beauty Industries, In partnership with Publicis Sapient.

The digitization of our industries has brought with it new challenges and opportunities. Adding more touch points between a customer and a website, app, platform, or mobile payment system has increased the amount of valuable data available - if analyzed properly. As a result, for the first time, we’ve addressed the most critical questions brands come across regarding marketing attribution in the ever-evolving digital landscape of today. In partnership with Publicis Sapient, we are happy to present our first report on The State of Measurement in Fashion, Luxury & Beauty 2022.

Inside You'll Learn:

  • A global understanding of the importance of measurement today.
  • A deep overview of the challenges when measuring marketing impact & attribution.
  • A dedicated China focus section about measuring success in the region.
  • Key takeaways to the future of measurement.

More About This Report

The impatient, modern-day consumer prefers a dynamic experience when interacting with brands online. In order to be truly customer-centric, brands must start with data. Without key information, it's highly challenging to create and deliver tailored experiences.

However, the solution relies on the hand of controlling and understanding the brand’s data through tools that are easily accessible to gain insights into their audience. In this report, we highlight how many marketers are concerned about the lack of a unified metric system to support them when measuring the effectiveness of their data strategies.

After reading, you’ll understand the true meaning behind big data and accurate measurement points and how this allows brands to stay relevant in the current competitive landscape, improve their ROI, enhance their brand performance, and achieve increased efficiency.

You will also learn about the structural and strategic challenges paralyzing marketers, ways marketers are adapting to the consumer trends shaping the ever-evolving role of social media in commerce, and the lessons marketers have learned about the dangers of digital marketing.

To build the report, we’ve surveyed over 1,000 experts across the globe to understand the way they view measurement and the challenges they are facing. We hope this report will give you some reflection on how you focus the direction of your strategies for the years to come.