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Making Sense of Sustainability – A Data Analysis of the Fashion and Cosmetics Industries

Learn about the current state of sustainability in the fashion and beauty industries.
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With a notable shift in the fashion and cosmetics industries towards increased consciousness around sustainable practices due in part to consumer demands, we have compiled this report on the current state of Sustainability. By relying on our Media Impact Value™ algorithm (MIV®), and through our Voice-centric approach, we’ve put together this in-depth analysis to better understand who is driving the conversation around sustainability, and what still needs to be done.

In this report you will explore…

  • Full data analysis on the top sustainable brands in the fashion and cosmetics industries.
  • Which regions generate the most impact when it comes to sustainability.
  • Which Influencers and Celebrities are driving the conversation around sustainability. 
  • Exclusive insights from Morten Lehmann, Chief Sustainability Officer, at Global Fashion Agenda, Christopher Raeburn, British Fashion Designer, Founder of RÆBURN and Creative Director of Timberland and Brianne West (Founder of Ethique, the world’s first zero-waste cosmetics brand).
  • The journey to creating a zero-waste collection, using data and technology.
MIV®: This mark is registered in the European Union.
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