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The Future of Retail

future of retail

Welcome to our latest report The Future of Retail, where we analyze the ten major players in the fashion, luxury, and beauty retail space and present the key strategies and trends driving the future of the industry.

According to data from Bain & Company, online luxury purchases were worth $58B in 2020, compared to $39B in 2019, nearly doubling global luxury sales to 23% from 12%. While brands look towards the industry’s top retailers to help drive sales, retailers are also looking for ways to innovate as more competition enters the market, and our report provides insights into how brands are defining themselves in a post-pandemic world.

In this whitepaper, you will find:

  • Data behind 10 global fashion, luxury, and beauty retailers.
  • The Voices driving the value of the retail industry.
  • The top trends in the retail space, including integrating a seamless phygital experience, sustainability and circularity, and the value of the Chinese market.

More about the whitepaper

We demonstrate how brands need to focus on digital sales by building a robust e-commerce platform or finding a top retailer to form a partnership with as most of the world's consumers are embracing a more digitally-led environment following the pandemic. Furthermore, we illustrate how it is critical to start the process of integrating both physical and digital environments in the retail experience while integrating a sustainable strategy. Our data rankings show which type of voices top Media Impact Value™ across fashion, beauty, and luxury retailers.

In this report, we uncover the luxury and beauty retail world of tomorrow by analyzing the data, voices and trends of today. Download it to start implementing the trends and create a successful retail marketing strategy!