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YouTube's Fashion Effect: Unlocking the Longtail Impact of Video Marketing

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With the rapid digital transformation of the fashion industry accelerated by the global pandemic, brands looked to new formats that would help them connect with consumers. They propelled their video marketing strategies and looked to YouTube to remain engaged with their global audiences and communicate their message. 

We partnered with YouTube to dive into the best marketing practices on the platform. By looking at a selection of case studies of brands who went digital-first during former Fashion Week seasons, we evaluate the power of YouTube as a mechanism for long-term success, driving value up to 60 days post-show.

In this report, you will find:

  • YouTube’s best practices – data insights and brand case studies highlighting video strategies that led to increased views, engagement, and Media Impact Value™
  • The key elements for amplifying your brand message, including collaborations and choosing the right Voices
  • The key takeaways and a strategic roadmap for marketers to ensure longtail success of your video marketing strategy
  • 6 case study evaluations of a selection of luxury brands, including Prada, Dior, Pyer Moss, Gucci, JW Anderson, and Versace.

More about the report:

We dive into 6 case studies of major fashion brands. Prada, Dior, Pyer Moss, Gucci, JW Anderson, and Versace, leveraged YouTube in their marketing strategy during previous Fashion Week seasons and experienced great brand performance results by expanding their reach and tapping into new audiences. We break down the successful strategies behind these results and examine the state of the industry today.

Brands have turned to YouTube to connect with consumers and amplify their message by leveraging video marketing strategies that reach beyond just the present moment.

As the industry was forced to adapt to a more digitally-powered space due to the global pandemic, this led to rapid growth in video content – be it pre-produced branded videos released in lieu of the catwalk show or live streaming of events with reduced or no audience. Creating a long-term strategy is vital for brands, as discussed in our recent webinar, and can be done by introducing series of video content rather than a one-off posting. This will help create a long-tail impact and bring a brand's message forward. We explore these key tactics needed to increased brand performance and many more throughout this report.