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The Step-by-Step Worksheet for Digitizing Your Fashion, Luxury, and Beauty Collections

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With the global Covid-19 crisis reaching a point of semi-stabilization, there is one thing that has become clear within the fashion, luxury, and beauty industries: the need to accelerate the digital transformation of businesses and optimization of digital collections. Adapting to the "new normal" involves speeding up a process that we have become accustomed to over a number of years, because from now on all stages of a product launch, from concept to consumer, will happen primarily online.

Digitizing your collection launch and transforming the way you previously sent new products to the press and professional public can be a challenge at this time. This is why we have prepared this worksheet so that you can take advantage of our global network of industry insiders in order to start building your own digital press room via GPS Radar (registration and use is completely free for brands and professional audiences).

In this worksheet you will find:

  • The five main benefits of digitizing your collections.
  • Figures & facts about the global reach of GPS Radar within the fashion and retail industry.
  • The step-by-step worksheet for creating your virtual profile to start sharing news, events and galleries with the world.

More about the worksheet:

As everything has turned digital, it is time for your product and digital collections and their launches to follow the path too in order to increase efficiency, maximize opportunities, boost MIV®, accelerate time-to-market, go global and expand your business. Thankfully, our global network of industry insiders is here to support your transition in the digital world. In this guide, you will be able to follow the indications step-by-step to successfully build your digital/virtual press room and connect seamlessly with media and retailers in a tailored environment.

Download the guide now to get started in order to expand your business!