Track Print Advertising ROI Across Your Competitors & Improve Your Revenue

Get the highest return on your advertising agreements with the leading print advertising monitoring service for publishers. Gain insight into how brands invest in advertising across competitor publications and use this intelligence to increase your share of wallet with your clients.

Boost the ROI of your commercial agreements with competitor benchmarking

  • Benchmark each brand's advertising coverage across 2000+ print titles, broken down by number of editorial vs. advertising features
  • Understand the $ investment each brand makes and the ROI their ads achieve, per editorial
  • Use these insights to negotiate better advertising rates based on the real print advertising ROI your publication generates for the brands you work with compared to your competitors

Optimize your editorial & commercial strategies based on industry best practices

  • Access quantitative and qualitative data analysis of other publishers, brands and advertising spaces to inform your editorial line
  • Benchmark 2000+ magazines worldwide to identify best practices and adjust your commercial strategies in line with industry standards
  • Obtain a holistic overview of global editorial strategies and print advertising trends to take data informed decisions

Find new sales opportunities with unlimited access or ad hoc reporting services

  • Get real time data on the brands working with your competitors. Empower your sales teams with these data insights and find potential new brand partners to boost your sales
  • Compare changes in brand print advertising trends in your competitor editorials to gain a strategic view of the print advertising landscape and identify new opportunities
  • Opt for a granular report or unlimited access to enrich your strategic vision according to your business needs

Power your editorial with leading print advertising data:

Brand & advertising insights from 2000+ editorials

Benchmarking data from 47+ countries

550+ product categories tracked