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Simplify managing your editorial's in-person, digital or hybrid events with an all in one publishing events marketing tool

Improve your event management efficiency and boost your editorial's reach by creating memorable events that connect with your audience. Use a dedicated platform for publishers in the fashion, lifestyle and beauty industries to strengthen your media reputation and position within the editorial industry through iconic experiences

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Maximize your editorial's reach and connect with your audience in innovative ways

  • Use 1 tool to create unique events and share exclusive content with your community to maximize exposure and strengthen relationships with clients, consumers and industry insiders
  • Experiment with hybrid or digital formats to reach wider audiences. Create pre-recorded or live stream digital events in an open or invite-only environment, integrating your video stream from YouTube or Vimeo
  • Use customized pages before, during and after your event to create a fully branded experience that represents your editorial or your collaborations with brands & partners
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Increase event efficiency and reduce manual labour with digitalized event management processes

  • Improve your event's efficiency by up to 200% as you simplify guest lists, design and send custom physical or digital invites, send direct RSVP links and monitor RSVP status in real-time
  • Streamline guest communication. Create flexible seating charts and email seat assignments with the push of a button and save invitee preferences for future events
  • Provide a first-class check-in experience for your physical VIP events and reduce wait times by using personalised RFID or barcodes
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Improve your publishing events marketing strategy with reporting and insights

  • Gain the crucial insights you need to optimize your event strategy with attendance, RSVP and other comprehensive reports before, during and after each event
  • Use simplified key event metrics to understand your event's success and ensure your publication continues to create meaningful content for your readers and followers
  • Easily export or email your reports to share important details with your key stakeholders

Power your editorial with publishing industry data from across the world

See a 200% increase in event management efficiency

More than 6K digital and in-person events hosted with Launchmetrics' software every year

Achieve up to a 30% boost in attendance rate for digital events

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