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Optimize your Jewelry or Luxury Watch Marketing Strategy with the Leading Brand Performance Software

Use a powerful all in 1 solution to improve your brand performance and jewelry or luxury watches marketing strategy. Benchmark against your competitors, deep dive into your cross-region, cross-channel and cross-Voice marketing and maximize editorial opportunities with software & data insights

Software Trusted by Jewelry & Watch Brands Globally

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Optimize your marketing strategy with competitor benchmarking & brand performance insights

  • See exactly where you stack against your competitors and within the luxury watch and jewelry market with competitive benchmarking
  • Understand which channel, Voice, and region works best for your brand and your competitors to iterate on your brand strategy and optimize your budget based on real ROI data
  • Improve your decision making with ad-hoc data reports tailored to the needs of your brand. Ensure you have the insights you need to successfully optimize your luxury watch marketing strategy.
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Track your media mentions worldwide with 1 platform for all your media, print and social coverage

Track your brand mentions globally across luxury watch and jewelry specific print, web and social channels, including China

Monitor your marketing initiatives by event, campaign, region, channel or Voice to see the real impact of your activities using 1 consistent MIV® metric

Drive efficiency and reduce manual labor by getting all of your clips in one place. Produce shareable coverage books and reports in one click to seamlessly showcase your PR success

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Maximize your editorial opportunities & reduce sample loss with an effortless workflow

  • Protect valuable samples and reduce their loss by up to 95% with an optimized sample management system. Improve visibility, control & accountability across departments
  • Increase editorial & sales opportunities by removing internal barriers and optimizing cross departmental workflows
  • Gain valuable insights. Analyze your top performing samples by product category, see the regions and key players most requesting your samples, analyze missed press opportunities and conduct inventory audits

Power your jewelry or luxury watch marketing strategy with data from across the world

$5b product value managed every season with our samples solution

Brand monitoring across 200+ countries, including China

9K+ print titles, 45K+ web sources and 911K+ social media accounts monitored, including Instagram, IGTV, Weibo, WeChat and TikTok

1 consistent MIV® metric for easier and more accurate competitive benchmarking

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With Launchmetrics solutions, our team can quantify the ROI on Influencer Marketing. MIV® helps us define our strategic roadmap and inform our budget. Launchmetrics is easy-to-use, time-saving and insightful.

Marianna Perda, Head of Brand Activations – Branding & Marketing

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