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Enterprise Sample Tracking Software

Optimize the Use of Your Samples Within Your Business to Increase Productivity and Reduce Time-To-Market

Streamline Your Sample Management Workflow Across Your Business

Use a digitzed sample tracking software to create, manage and share sample assets across departments with speed and efficiency. Remove internal silos, reduce manual labor and ultimately grow your Brand’s Performance.

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Improve Sample Visibility, Control & Accountability Across Departments

Implement a standardized sample tracking process business-wide using unique barcodes or RFID tags. This keeps data consistent so you can quickly view inventories, outstanding samples and individual team activities via interactive dashboards to ensure total visibility of your samples across multiple departments and regions.

product screen of sending out a sample using the sample tracking software

Increase Profitability by Reducing Sample Loss and Operating Costs

Minimize sample loss by monitoring and tracking the status of each sample via a dedicated app, whether sending assets externally or internally across departments. Reduce costs by empowering teams to efficiently share samples throughout the launch process, removing the cost of duplicate sample inventory sets.

product screen showing the share inventory feature of the sample tracking software

Boost Internal Sample Sharing to Maximize Business Opportunities

Never miss an editorial opportunity again by allowing different departments to request, reserve, or loan samples in advance of deadlines. Ensure every opportunity is maximized by allowing departments to easily share sample inventory visibility with each other, steamlining communication to ensure teams can internally borrow samples to effortlessly fulfill editorial opportunities.

With Launchmetrics Sample Tracking Software, Customers Experience:

95% reduction in sample losses

35 hours of manual work saved on average per week

4x more sample request fulfilled

See What Our Clients Say About Our Enterprise Sample Tracking Software

"Launchmetrics helps us to keep everything organized. It does absolutely everything we needed to manage our Samples processes more effectively. It creates flexibility for our teams and we love the tailored process and approach."

Justin R. McNichols, Senior Coordinator at Abercrombie & Fitch Co.

"We use the samples management tool everyday. Launchmetrics helps us with our time management and efficiency, allowing us to focus on creating more press opportunities”

Paul Smith Press Team

"Launchmetrics’ Samples is an essential tool for our agency to manage our loans and inventory – we refer to the platform as “the Bible”; it makes my job much less time-consuming and manual.”

Stephen Lawton, Founder & Director at The 223 Agency

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