Streamline your Samples Workflow across the Business

Optimize the use of your samples to increase productivity and reduce time-to-market.

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Creating Efficiencies Department to Department

1. Design

Reduce time spent on locating and managing design, production and archived samples.

2. Sales

Maximize sales opportunities by knowing where and when your samples can be used.

3. Archive

Retain complete visibility over the status and location of pieces from past collections.

4. Photo Studio

Deliver assets for e-commerce pages, retail partners, and marketing campaigns faster by shortening production and publication timelines.

5. PR

Increase editorial opportunities by securing the availability of your samples for upcoming shoots, events and tradeshows.

6. Control & Logistics

Streamline logistics and minimize custom fees by capitalising from duty drawback.

Improve Visibility, Control & Accountability across Departments

Implement a standardized tracking process business-wide using unique barcodes or RFID tags, to keep data consistent so you can quickly view inventories, outstanding samples & individual team activities via interactive dashboards.

product screen showing how software optimizes sample management for fashion brands

Reduce Operating Costs & Increase Profitability

A centralized database across all departments allows teams to efficiently share samples throughout the launch process, reducing the need for duplicate inventory sets and possibility of sample loss.

Maximize Business Opportunities

Allow different departments to request, reserve or loan samples in advance to meet deadlines, ensure no opportunities are missed and accelerate time-to-market by streamlining the movement of samples within your business.

example of a sample management fashion workflow being improved

"The three top benefits that Launchmetrics’ Samples provides, are transparency, efficiency and control.”

Mathias Heinrichs

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