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Manage & Optimize your Client's Campaigns with Ease Using Industry Leading PR Software

Use a powerful all in 1 solution to manage every aspect of your clients' marketing activities, from collection launches to campaign reporting. Manage sample seats, organize events and track PR mentions across print, media and social channels from a centralized PR agency software

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Streamline your sample management & maximize your client's editorial opportunities with an effortless sample workflow

  • Manage your client's samples with greater expertise. Reduce sample loss by up to 95% as you use a digitalized system to send out samples to key industry players
  • Increase editorial & sales opportunities for your brands by fulfilling 4X more sample requests via an optimized cross departmental workflow
  • Gain insights and measure sample impact. Analyze missed editorial opportunities, conduct inventory audits, plan for sales and future collections, and track media coverage with the Media Impact Value™ metric
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Create more impactful brand events with an upgraded event management system

  • Amplify your client’s latest launch through an in-person, digital or hybrid event and achieve up to a 200% increase in event management efficiency. Analyze post event with easy reports to measure their success
  • Simplify guest lists and RSVPs. Digitize your seating charts & streamline guest communication with custom digital invites with our PR software
  • Provide a first-class check-in experience with personalised RFID or barcodes, guest preferences and easy check-in processes all in 1 place
product screen showing media monitoring function of the pr agency software

Simplify client media monitoring with 1 place for every brand's print, online & social mentions

  • Easily track print, online and social mentions for all of your clients in one centralized location
  • Understand the real impact of each brand's marketing activities by seeing the ROI of every campaign, region, channel or Voice, using a consistent MIV® metric
  • Create bespoke newsletters and coverage books to highlight and share your successes with your clients and stakeholders

Power your agency with PR software fuelled with data from across the world

$5b product value managed every season with our samples solution

Brand monitoring across 200+ countries, including China

6k+ digital & in-person events hosted every year, including 85% of all fashion shows

1 consistent MIV® metric for easier and more accurate competitive benchmarking

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