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Fall in love with the best PR software for PR agencies. Not just another monitoring or analytics software, but the whole package with management around samples and showrooms, events and contacts and influencers.

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Say goodbye to manually monitoring your client’s PR mentions.

Easily track print, online and social mentions for all of your clients in one centralized location.

Simplify the management of all your PR activities.

Amplify your client’s latest launch through an in-person, digital or hybrid event and distribute digital assets in a digital showroom. Send samples to influencers, premium media and the FLB industry insiders so they can showcase your launch in publications, online and socially.

Insights that are digestible and easy-to-read.

Monitor your client’s performance by Voices, market and timing across all of your PR agency initiatives to have a full, in-depth view on PR analytics.

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Brand Intelligence

Optimize your strategy and drive brand growth with a holistic view on the performance of your assets & activations. Discover Brand Intelligence

/ Monitor mentions across online, social and print media. more info

Performance Benchmark
/ Understand marketing performance and track contributions to brand value. more info

Brand Asset Management

Create & manage inspirational brand assets with speed, efficiency & consistency. Discover Brand Asset Management

Asset Management
/ Organize and distribute your digital assets from one easy-to-use location. more info

Sample Management / Streamline sample management workflow across departments. more info

Brand Experience

Organize, orchestrate and amplify activations with the key opinion leaders who will inspire your consumers. Discover Brand Experience

Influencer Campaign Management / Manage your Influencer programs from start to finish. more info

/ Seamlessly manage your show and event organization. more info

Contact & Email
/ Easily manage your contacts and create attractive emails. more info

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