Seamlessly Manage your Show and Event Organization

Create, share and measure unforgettable events with the first live, digital and hybrid events management solution specifically for the fashion, lifestyle and beauty industry.

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Bring your brand experiences to life and maximize exposure

1. Live Events

Invite the Voices who will inspire your customers and meet in person to drive conversations about your brand.

2. Digital Events

Create a pre-recorded or live stream event in an invite-only environment exclusively to your dedicated guest list.

3. Hybrid Events

Manage live and digital events to build a brand experience with greater ROI and a broader audience.

Simplify guest lists and RSVPs

Easily import your guest lists or build them inside the module to create personalized, RSVP invitations via email and mobile in seconds. Receive RSVP updates in real-time. Plan your event in seconds.

Digitize your seating chart & streamline guest communication

Create flexible seating charts and email seat assignments with the push of a button. Save invitee preferences and history for future events.

Provide a first-class check-in experience

Let every guest breeze through check-in with their smartphone or RFID-embedded invite and send a customized welcome email upon arrival. Get started now.

Enhance the management of your fashion events digitally

Host and manage your pre-recorded or live stream event, integrated from YouTube or Vimeo, to your exclusive guest list and create a full digital event experience with customized pages before, during and after the event.

Measure the success of your events

View comprehensive reports before, during and after each event to know exactly who RSVP'd, checked-in or did not attend.

"Utilizing Launchmetrics Events streamlined both our planning process as well as our guest experience at NYFW: Men’s. It helps put the spotlight on the show instead of the process.”

Mark Beckham
Business Director of Fashion Week at the CFDA

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