event management software

Event Management Software

Simplify Event Management for Your In-Person, Digital and Hybrid Events With Launchmetrics Events

Bring Your Brand's Events to Life and Maximize Their Exposure and ROI

Create, share and measure an unforgettable event from start to finish with Launchmetrics Events, the first in-person, digital and hybrid event management platform specifically for the Fashion, Lifestyle and Beauty industries.

event management guest list and email invitation feature of the event management software

Simplify Guest Lists, Invites and RSVPs

Create and send customizable, digital invites and add a personal touch using GIF capabilities. Or, design bespoke physical invites and include unique barcodes or RFID chips for each attendee. Ensure full oversight by sending guests direct RSVP links to allow them to quickly send their response and add additional guest information. Receive real-time RSVP updates to help manage your guest list and add custom fields to your invitee data for optimal organization.

Event seating software feature of event management software

Digitize Your Seating Charts With the Platform's Easy to Use Event Seating Software Feature

Create flexible seating configurations and modify seating up until the day of the event. Establish a color-code system to easily identify invitees by category. Send invitees their seating assignment ahead of the event to create a smooth seating process. Save time for future events by saving and repurposing previous seating templates and even print your seating charts the day of the event to share with different teams.

event management software check in feature

Provide a First Class Check in Experience

Scan barcodes or RFID embedded invites using the event check in app for mobile to reduce wait times. Use the same app to view RSVP statuses, event details and see VIP invitee profile pictures for easy recognition. Coordinate real-time updates with your entire team using an iPad or mobile device. Choose to upgrade your physical events with our additional RFID event management solutions for a scan-free check in experience.

virtual event software

Enhance Your Digital Brand Experiences With Specialized Virtual Event Software

Create a pre-recorded or live stream feed for public or invite-only digital events. Use customized pages before, during and after your event to create a fully branded experience and integrate your video stream from Youtube or Vimeo directly to your custom live event page.

event management software showing event metrics feature

Measure Your Event's Success with Real-Time Event Metrics & Reports

Easily track your event’s performance with metrics around who RSVP’ed to your event. Gain insights into attendance metrics and view who attended or who were “no shows” to help plan for future events or to follow up with guests who could not attend.

Launchmetrics Events in Numbers:

Users see a 200% increase in event management efficiency

More than 6K FLB industry events are created every year on Launchmetrics event management platform

85% of the Fashion Shows in Paris, NYC, London and Milan are managed using Launchmetrics software

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“Launchmetrics Events solution is life-changing – it’s easy to manage all of our shows and events... Launchmetrics helps us with our time management and efficiency, allowing us to focus on creating more press opportunities.”

Paul Smith Press Team

“We really needed one platform that has all the data that everyone could use at the same time. Now with Launchmetrics, we can do more, smoother and faster.”

Jacquemus PR Team

“Launchmetrics has given us accessibility and transparency across the PR team at Lacoste. We feel supported by Launchmetrics’ software, but also their friendly team. Their value cannot be compared or estimated.”

Denis Buffart, Head of PR & Collaboration at Lacoste

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