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Seamlessly manage show and event production Events powered by Launchmetrics have experienced:

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Launchmetrics makes your most important, invite-only events far more memorable and manageable

Before your event

Strategize the ideal guest list — and plan an impactful experience.

  • Invite the people who matter

    Use our influencer search engine to find the right people to invite according to their social reach, past brand endorsements, and previous seat assignments.

  • Simplify RSVPs

    Create personalized, branded RSVP experiences for email, and mobile applications in seconds. Get RSVP updates in real-time.

  • Digitize your seating chart

    Create flexible seating configurations, pre-seat guests, and email seat assignments with the push of one button.

  • Manage guest preferences

    Categorize invitees for optimal guest list organization. Save invitee preferences and history for all events.

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Before your event

During your event

Streamline the event logistics so you can focus on your guests.

During your event
  • Provide a first-class check-in experience

    Let every guest breeze through check-in with their smartphone, Apple Watch or RFID embedded invite.  

  • Everything influencers need in their mobile

    Provide exclusive and targeted in-app content during the event, and let influencers share it with the world.

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Track your results and highlight your success.

  • Measure event success

    See comprehensive reports before, during, and after every event so you know exactly who has RSVP’d, who has checked in, and who didn’t make it.

  • Track your event’s media and social footprint

    With the help of our product, Analytics, track media coverage, social media statistics, and the impact of every event. Data is easily viewed in a comprehensive dashboard.

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Serpentine Galleries used Launchmetrics' RFID technology to streamline the guest experience for their Summer Party

"The feedback and comments that we received from guests, contractors and our staff has been extraordinary." Charlotte Wolseley Brinton, Summer Party Organizer, Serpentine Gallery

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