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Paul Smith & Launchmetrics

Established by the British Fashion Designer Paul Smith in 1970, the brand has been recognized by its eclectic design and vibrant colours for men’s and womenswear along with homeware, accessories and fragrances. From the catwalks to the homes, Paul Smith has been committed to sustainable fashion while maintaining its energy and creativity. Paul Smith has been a Launchmetrics client since 2021.

Paul Smith's challenge

With a globally distributed team, Paul Smith faced an increasingly complicated and time consuming samples management process. The team relied on excel spreadsheets to track and monitor samples across internal departments and external parties. Without a centralized tracking system in place, monitoring samples had become increasingly difficult, resulting in inefficiencies, errors and sample loss. Similarly, with a growing number of events across different regions the PR team at Paul Smith could no longer rely on excel and manual systems to manage events and contact databases. Ineffective internal processes were leading to poor time management and missed PR opportunities.

The solution

With the help of Launchmetrics solutions, Paul Smith now benefits from a comprehensive, digitized PR management system. The PR team is now able to monitor regional inventories and each samples' live location via the SaaS solution, thus improving efficiency, maximizing sample usage and driving higher PR coverage. The integrated Contacts and Events apps enable the PR team to manage relationships, campaigns and event organizations seamlessly in one convenient location, allowing teams to spend less time on manual processes and more time on relationship nurturing and PR outreach.

The result

  • Maximized its sample use & increased press opportunities with 600+ samples successfully sent during PFW SS23
  • Simplified its organization & management of events from large-scale fashion shows with 1000+ attendees to intimate VIP events
  • Centralised contact management & improved relationship nurturing across the global HQ and 3 regional offices.

"Launchmetrics Events solution is life-changing – it’s easy to manage all of our shows and events. And we use the Samples management tool everyday. Launchmetrics helps us with our time management and efficiency, allowing us to focus on creating more press opportunities”

Paul Smith Press Team

Launchmetrics Solution Samples, Events & Contacts

Brand Paul Smith

Industry Fashion

Customer Since 2021

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