Easily Manage & Track your Sample Collections

Track your samples and products as you send them around the world or within your company. You’ll never wonder where your samples are again

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Make your samples work harder for you

1. Increase uniformed samples transparency

Minimize samples loss by tracking exactly where your samples are – across offices, publications or influencers.

2. Maximize your editorial and sales opportunities

Reserve your samples for upcoming shoots, events and tradeshows.

3. Optimize your samples inventory doing more with less

Conduct inventory audits to identify which samples are the most requested, prioritize their sample send outs and track samples to ensure coverage.

Reduce Sample Loss

Instantly monitor the status & location of each sample via a dedicated app. Track lost, missing, unreturned and gifted items.

product screen showing a example of a sample entry in the fashion sample tracking software

Increase Efficiency & Productivity

Use RFID or barcode tags for a seamless check-in and check-out system. Even use your phone to return or receive samples from anywhere in the office or the showroom.

mobile app screen showing the rfid function of the sample software

Boost PR Coverage

Reserve key samples for upcoming shoots, events or tradeshows directly or via your digital showroom, built on Galleries. Allow teams to collaborate with our cloud based system.

product screen showing the samples reservation feature of the sample tracking software

Gain Valuable Insights

Analyze missed opportunities, conduct inventory audits and plan ahead for sales and future collections. Most importantly, understand your samples efficiency and performance to maximize your ROI.

screen showing a sample report example taken from the fashion sample tracking software

“The three top benefits that Launchmetrics’ Samples provides, are transparency, efficiency and control.”

Mathias Heinrichs

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Start tracking your samples and reduce their loss by up to 95%