sample management software

Sample Management Software

Easily Track & Manage Your Sample Collections to Reduce Loss and Maximize Coverage

Take Full Control of Your Samples

Track your samples as you send them around the world to press or within your company with the leading sample management software that streamlines your workflow in order to maximize coverage. Create, manage and share sample assets with speed and efficiency to reduce sample loss and ultimately grow your Brand’s Performance.

Reduce Sample Losses

Instantly monitor, track and update the status and location of each sample with a dedicated app. Track lost, missing, unreturned and gifted items from your desktop or phone and easily conduct full sample inventory audits to ensure complete visibility over your collections.

shipping and request feature of the sample management software

Maximize Your Editorial and Sales

Request or reserve key samples for upcoming shoots, events or tradeshows in advance to ensure you never miss an opportunity. Visually manage your sample requests and logistics with external contacts in a calendar format and even connect your Launchmetrics digital showroom to allow for direct samples requesting from external editors, ensuring your samples always create the most impact for your brand.

Increase the Efficiency of Your Sample Tracking System

Digitize your sample tracking and minimize manual labor by incorporating barcode or RFID tags for seamless check-in and check-out of your samples. Allow each department and team to view sample information with a centralized & collaborative system to ensure frictionless management and even generate documents and delivery memos via the mobile app for a quick and simple send out process.

product screen showing the conversion rate of each sample in the fashion sample tracking software

Understand Your Samples Impact & ROI

Connect your send-outs to media coverage to understand the Media Impact Value™ (MIV®) and conversion metrics associated with your samples. Measure the success of your relationships by identifying the top Voices generating value, and discover which products perform the best based on MIV®. Utilize real-time analytics on sample activations and coverage to optimize your ROI.

product screen of the sample management software showing graphs and charts to understand the performance of each sample

Strategize for Future Collections With Valuable Insights

Analyze missed opportunities, samples coverage, conduct inventory audits and plan ahead for sales and future collections. Easily identify your most requested samples worldwide and understand your samples overall efficiency and performance to maximize your ROI.

With Launchmetrics Software, Customers Experience:

95% reduction in sample losses

35 hours of manual work saved on average per week

4x more sample request fulfilled

See What Our Clients Say About Our Sample Management Software

"We use the samples management tool everyday. Launchmetrics helps us with our time management and efficiency, allowing us to focus on creating more press opportunities”

Paul Smith Press Team

"Launchmetrics’ Samples is an essential tool for our agency to manage our loans and inventory – we refer to the platform as “the Bible”; it makes my job much less time-consuming and manual.”

Stephen Lawton, Founder & Director at The 223 Agency

“Launchmetrics is an invaluable tool that allows our small team to efficiently manage our sample database and track the results of our efforts. MIV® has been a core resource in evaluating our editorial placements against our logistics budget and has been instrumental to our seasonal planning and strategy initiatives.”

Tasa Stratis, Global Communications Director at Proenza Schouler

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