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ALEXACHUNG & Launchmetrics

Model-turned-style icon, Alexa Chung, decided to create her own ready-to-wear line and turned to Purple PR to help her create it. Purple PR is a leading lifestyle communications agency with high-profile fashion brands such as Calvin Klein. They also launched several other successful brands, including Elle Macpherson Intimates in Europe. The agency was tasked with building a communications plan for the initial announcement and subsequent launch of the ALEXACHUNG brand.

ALEXACHUNG's Challenge

Purple PR not only needed to create an awareness campaign for the brand, but also they needed to build hype and excitement around the release. The communications plan started with an exclusive publication in BOF by publishing a teaser video. Purple PR also needed to monitor the brand's media mentions in order to measure the campaign's impact. However, the team realized that manual tracking would be too time consuming and needed a way to automatize this resource heavy task.

The Solution

Purple PR turned to Discover by Launchmetrics to monitor and report on the online and social media coverage generated from the campaign. Smart filters automatically tracked coverage directly related to the launch, and qualification tags linked coverage to individual activities. Various report formats also allowed the team to quickly view results and share results with the ALEXACHUNG team.

The Result

  • With 63 mentions, the team discovered that Vogue was the most valuable media outlet, featuring the label on 11 different online properties
  • Purple PR could analyze that top retail partners expanded awareness to over 8.5 million followers
  • The team pinpointed which influencer reached the most people and who had the highest engagement rate

The United States & United Kingdom generated over 50% of the total hype around the ALEXACHUNG launch.

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