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Cloud-based contact management through a centralized database

  • Consolidate global or segmented lists

    Directly import contact or company lists with easy-to-use Excel templates. Save accurate and up-to-date contact details in one collaborative location. Plus, use Duplicate Finder tools to quickly identify and merge like contacts and accounts.

  • Create custom contact fields

    Create fields and categorize your database to ensure you are tracking the most relevant data about your contacts. Upload current photos of contacts and include personal details such as assistant or spousal information, birthdays or even an influencer sizing field to help manage samples and gifting. Tailor your view by removing any unnecessary sections for a clean snapshot.

  • Distribute content & track relationship history

    Leverage the mailing feature to deliver unlimited press releases, newsletters and other essential content to contacts. Quickly create customized emails with the mail merge tool for a personalized touch. Contact history is recorded so you can easily track mailings along with event attendance, sample send outs and more when integrated with our other tools.

  • Connect with the industry

    Access our private industry database, GPS Radar, for updated information on over 40K fashion press members and influencers. Sync details and add contacts to personalized lists and groups to send custom content and mailings.

  • Leverage a full suite of products

    The Launchmetrics’ Contacts platform seamlessly integrates with our Samples, Events and Galleries products. Access contact information directly within these platforms to manage events, samples or image requests efficiently.

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Cloud-based contact management through a centralized database