Maintain your most valuable relationships through a contacts management software

Easily manage your most valuable relationships with simple contact management.

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Connect and nurture your contacts and relationships

1. One Centralized Location for your Contacts

Manage your contacts and consolidate the latest contact details for all individuals to maintain accuracy and GDPR compliance.

2. Customized Emails to stay connected

Build and edit personalized emails to share newsworthy updates with your contacts and track their engagement.

3. Access to Fashion, Lifestyle & Beauty communities

Establish strong relationships and networks with our GPS Radar community of 50k+ Fashion, Lifestyle and Beauty professionals and add contacts to your personalized lists.

Manage relationships with simplicity

Save the most up-to-date contact information in one collaborative location. Upload photos and create custom fields to track every detail needed to strengthen relationships.

product screen showing example of a contact entry in the contact management software

Create bespoke mailings and measure their impact

Design beautifully customized mailings to share newsworthy updates using easy drag & drop email templates. Track mailing statistics to measure engagement and maintain GDPR compliance.

product screen showing email management with a contact using the simple contact management software

Connect with the industry

Access our GPS Radar community of 50k+ industry professionals. Sync details and add contacts to personalized lists on your own database.

product screen showing importation of new contacts into the software

"We can still maintain a personal feel when we communicate with our contacts, but having a mailing system integrated into the CMS has enabled us to pre-plan our releases, send them within seconds and effectively track their open rate.”

Sophie Hutchings
PR Manager, Ralph & Russo

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