The Complete Guide for Digitizing Your Product and Collection Launches

Implement the right digital tools to reach more people and optimize your new campaigns

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Chapter 1. Why go digital for your next collection launch?

Chapter 1 introduces this new guide, covering the importance of digital launches for propelling collections from fashion, luxury, and beauty brands to new heights, especially in today's industry context.

Why go digital for your next collection launch?

Whilst the digitalization of the fashion, luxury, and beauty industries was already moving at a rapid pace, the interjection of COVID-19 placed even more pressure on brands to accelerate this process. Consumers noticed an influx of Instagram Live videos appearing on their feeds, webinars bringing major industry players together to share knowledge and information and fashion weeks that presented in purely digital formats.

Because of the inability to physically see, touch, and shop for new products, campaign and collection launches have also shifted towards digital mediums, in order to stay ahead of the curve and retain a level of industry normality. And, this strategy has paid off, as digital collection launches can actually allow for brands to gain even more insights on the products they are pushing to market as well as develop a better understanding of what may or may not work before going into mass production. From the early stages of product inception and creation to distribution, amplification, and measurement, this online guide will take you through the steps to creating effective and impactful digital collection launches.

What are the benefits of a digital collection launch?

Increase efficiency between internal teams in the management of your collections.

Utilizing digital assets means that you reduce the risk of asset loss, particularly through samples that are moved from team to team. You can also update the status of projects in realtime so that departments maintain visibility 24/7.

digital collections guideSimple and flexible.

Instead of having to rebuild everything on digital, look for tools that will help create memorable experiences that complement your launch.

digital collections guideMaximize opportunities.

Drive awareness and coverage facilitating the exchange of information with the press, influencers and other opinion leaders.

Accelerate time-to-market.

Not only can all teams work in parallel without waiting for assets or samples, you can easily upload collections for key audiences to access from anywhere in the world, at the same time.

Expand your business.

Boost sales by sharing digital assets with potential buyers and retailers.

Click through each chapter in this online guide, to walk through our step-by-step strategy for creating, amplifying, and measuring your next digital collections.