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The first PR & Influencer monitoring tool dedicated to Fashion, Luxury and Cosmetics

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0K Blogs and 10K online publications monitored
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PR & Influencer monitoring made easy

Track relevant mentions across print + online + social media

  • Comprehensive Fashion, Luxury and Cosmetics Coverage

    Leverage a platform that is dedicated to monitoring key publications and influencers within fashion, luxury and cosmetics. We’re constantly adding new sources and influencers to build out the most comprehensive coverage across the industry.

  • Consolidated Print + Online + Social Monitoring

    Reduce the amount of time spent on monitoring efforts by accessing a single feed curated across print, online and social channels. Daily coverage newsletters quickly highlight relevant mentions and placements from key voices within the industry.

  • Slideshow + Photo Gallery Tracking

    Capture mentions and placements from any slide or image within a carousel photo gallery – not just the first one – and be confident you’re not missing any important placements.

  • Smart Filters That Reduce Noise

    Focus only on the voices that matter most to your brand by filtering out posts that meet minimum engagement levels, such as a certain number of likes or shares.

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Track relevant mentions across print + online + social media

Instantly curate and report coverage highlights + metrics

Instantly curate and report coverage highlights + metrics
  • Bespoke, Editable Newsletter Templates

    Compile important coverage into a branded newsletter that can be sent to your distribution list with a click of a button. Easily edit images or text abstracts plus reorder or remove posts or articles to only feature the most important coverage.

  • Comprehensive Monthly Reports

    Access a single report with metrics and metadata from print, online and social coverage throughout the month. Reports include top placements and mentions by channel along with charts and graphs that help compare coverage volume and type month by month.

  • Seasonal Benchmarking

    Seasonal coverage reports provide deeper insights into coverage trends. Seamlessly compare number of mentions and placements, potential reach and engagement metrics along with top placements and influencers by season.

  • Competitive Benchmarking

    Compare coverage of top competitors with ease. Track competitive mentions and placements by volume, engagement, publications or influencers and more for quick comparisons.

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Launchmetrics allows us to provide an internal online and offline media review, and to monitor our reputation and capitalize on opportunities from the press.

Sandrine Diagana, Online Reputation Manager at L’Oreal

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