brand tracking software

Brand Tracking Software

Access Your Global Brand Insights, as well as Those of Your Competitors, for Smarter Decision Making

Understand Your Brand Position Within the Market

Use a visual brand tracking platform to understand your Brand's Performance across channels, Voices, regions and more, as well as compare your performance against competitors - all from a single platform.

product screen of brand tracking software showing a graphic representation of a competitor benchmark

Benchmark Your Brand Performance Against Competitors

Benchmark your Brand Performance within your industry and vs. your key competitors to identify top performers, up-and-coming brands and their best practices. Use brand benchmark data from across print, online, and social platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, Douyin, WeChat and Weibo to identify your competitors most effective channels, Voices and publications.

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Get Full Visibility Over Your Marketing Performance

Evaluate your marketing effectiveness by understanding how your brand performs across channels, Voices and regions. Gain strategic oversight into how your brand has evolved over time, uncovering which markets and activities drive brand value. Use these insights to guide your marketing investments into what truly drives results for your brand.

brand performance reports feature of brand tracking software

Unleash Your Data with Custom Dashboards & Brand Performance Reports

Create custom, data-driven Brand Performance reports tailored to your needs, using cross-filters to define the metrics, channels and dimensions that matter most to you. Easily save, share, or export these reports into an Excel file to take your data analysis to the next level and create custom dashboards for rapid access to the data that drives your decision making.

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Get the Support of a Data Expert for Personalized, Ad-Hoc Brand Tracking

Receive personalized attention from a dedicated Launchmetrics Data Expert to further understand where your brand is positioned and how to grow your Brand Performance. Receive monthly email digests or access our Quarterly Benchmark reports that offer an in-depth industry and competitive comparison, made just for you. Deep dive into your brand in a quarterly 1-hour consultation to review key insights, ask questions and fine tune your plan for the following quarter.

With Launchmetrics Software, Customers Unlock Global Brand Benchmark Data:

950k+ social media accounts crawled daily

2M+ online articles reviewed daily

5000+ brands tracked

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“Launchmetrics is everything that I look for in a PR solution... MIV® helps me reach my objectives and keeps me accountable.”

Justine Provent, Head of PR & Social Media at Fusalp

"MIV® helps us define our strategic roadmap and inform our budget. Launchmetrics is easy-to-use, time-saving and insightful.”

Marianna Perda, Head of Brand Activations – Branding & Marketing at APM Monaco

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