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5 ways to optimize your Sample Management: From increased sustainability to maximized coverage

sample management

For fashion brands, effective sample management is key to improving workflow and ultimately increasing profits. To maintain a smooth process at all stages of a sample's journey, we recommend leveraging digital tools to track items, reduce product losses as well as operating costs, gain insights, and boost press opportunities to maximize sales. 

Keeping sustainability at top of mind is also vital for reducing negative environmental impacts as well as standing with consumers who know how unsustainable the industry can be. Clothing production has significantly increased in recent years and yet 85% of all textiles go to landfill annually, and so consumers show support for those that make sustainability a priority. 

In this eBook, you will find:

  • The importance of sustainability for your brand
  • What is the true cost of sample loss
  • How seamless teamwork can streamline your samples management process
  • How to maximize your press coverage through samples
  • How sample management tools can provide insights to boost performance
  • 6 metrics for success when evaluating your sample strategy

More about the report:

Samples for fashion brands are a key part of collection launches and marketing campaigns. High quantities of top coverage can revolutionize a brand’s results by garnering major Media Impact Value™ - and digital tools for sample management are essential to leveraging that value.

In this eBook we’ll discuss how these specially designed tools can also help save money by reducing spending and boosting brand performance. Accelerating time-to-market for new collection releases and maximizing sales opportunities by uploading products to e-commerce sites in good time are just some ways to achieve this.

Sample management strategies for fashion brands should be focused on achieving operational excellence as well as top brand performance to earn maximum ROI. 

We explore the best ways to support these goals through effective sample management, as well as the benefits of data insights to achieving them. Gaining insights into the growth trajectory of a sample item is the last piece of the sample strategy puzzle, and the right tools can reveal potential product growth as well as what styles and collection pieces are top-performing and should be utilized in future campaigns.