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Digital Showroom Software

Maximize the Reach and Return on Your Digital Showroom

Create, Manage and Amplify Your Content

Showcase your collection in a customizable digital showroom and share it to your network in minutes. Or, choose to amplify your content to 500+ top editorials for maximum press and media coverage. Inform your strategy with powerful data insights into your collection's performance and ensure the greatest ROI on your future assets.

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Create an Inspiring Digital Showroom and Perform Targeted Activations

Digitize your collections in minutes and easily share your digital showroom with your network of editors and industry professionals via secure sharing links that never expire. Customize your showrooms with your own branding and visual identity and tag each visual asset using our AI powered auto-tagging ability to provide in-depth product and look information.

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Improve Your Collection's Reach and Drive Brand Amplification at Scale

Be visible where it matters the most - reach our community of media and content creators globally and generate additional coverage and MIV® instantly. Build brand awareness by being present on the Industry's go-to-platform for content distribution, showcasing your collection's images to 2000+ editors at top magazines such as Elle, Harpers Bazaar, and Marie Claire.

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Track the Impact of Your Collections to Inform Your Future Strategy

Measure what works best for you to refine your future investments for the next season. Get instant access to data from the viewership, downloads, usage, geography, and more once you upload the assets. Identify editors, journalists and stylists who are interested in your collection, and discover looks and products that resonate best with your audience.

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Shoot Best-in-Class Visual Assets for Your Fashion Shows with Creative Production Services

Capture the highest quality visual assets for your fashion shows and campaigns with our team of Launchmetrics Spotlight (formerly IMAXTree) photographers. With 20+ years of experience, get the best quality images uploaded to your showroom in minutes after the show, already organized by season and show. Our clients include: Jean Paul Gaultier, Givenchy, Kenzo and more.

Launchmetrics Digital Showroom Software in Numbers:

Generate $155k MIV® on average per collection by reaching 500+ leading magazines around the globe

2 minutes is the time taken to set up a showroom

Top performing showrooms drive over 2k+ visitors

See What Customers Say About Our Digital Showroom Platform

"Launchmetrics is everything that I look for in a PR solution. Galleries has significantly improved our visual asset organization. I can easily share our Showrooms with my contacts and the Spotlight amplification feature helped us in finding new media and opened up new PR opportunities."

Justine Provent, Head of PR & Social Media at Fusalp

"Customer service has been outstanding and the Team is always willing to help and make time for us."

John Sheppard, Senior Specialist at Abercrombie & Fitch

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