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Strengthen Your Brand Performance with the Industry Leading Sportswear Software

Optimize your sports brand strategy with a powerful all in 1 solution. Benchmark against your competitors, deep dive into your cross-region, cross-channel and cross-Voice marketing strategy and create unique sports brand sponsorship campaigns to fuel your success within the activewear industry.

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Benchmark Your Sports Brand Strategy Against Competitors to Drive Higher Revenue and Better ROI

  • Perform competitive benchmarking to see where you stack against your competitors and where you fall within the sportswear industry
  • Find which channels, regions, Voices and platforms work best for your brand. Easily identify top performing initiatives to improve budget allocations and take data driven decisions in your strategy making
  • Create customisable interactive dashboards to visualise your data insights with ease
custom media monitoring coverage feature of sportswear software

Simplify Your Media Monitoring With all Your Print, Online & Social Coverage in 1 Place

  • Track your brand's exposure across the sportswear industry in print, web and social channels. Build custom newsletters and coverage books to highlight and share your successes
  • Understand the real impact of your campaigns and sports brand partnerships: get a dollar ROI amount for each campaign, region, channel or Voice, using 1 consistent MIV® metric
  • Uncover customer insights by understanding your audience and future trends. Drive your product development and create authentic partnerships across different product categories thanks to data insights
events management feature of the sportswear software

Elevate Your Digital or In-Person Sports Brand Events Into Iconic Experiences

  • Use 1 tool across all your events and achieve up to a 200% increase in event management efficiency. From Pre Super Bowl to brand product presentations: manage and report on your events in one place
  • Build clear event communication. Design & send invites, get real time RSVP updates, create & share custom seating charts and manage guest lists and invitee information
  • Create a seamless experience with personalized barcode or RFID check-in options
software screen showing product catalogue feature

Create & Share Your Product Catalogue With Inspiring Digital Showrooms and Access Global Insights

  • Create a digital showroom housing your product catalogue with our sportswear software. Share it with your contacts via secure links that never expire
  • Customise your showroom in line with your own branding and catalogue your visual assets to provide in-depth information to your contacts
  • Empower your content strategy with the most relevant data. Track your collection's performance and access audience data by market, product details and tags to guide future creative investment decisions

Power Your Brand With Sportswear Industry Data From Across the World

Brand monitoring across 200+ countries, including China

49+ print titles, 76+ web sources & 17K+ social sources tracked, including Instagram, IGTV, Weibo, WeChat and TikTok

6k+ digital & in-person events hosted every year with our software

1 consistent MIV® metric for easier and more accurate competitive benchmarking

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Launchmetrics has given us accessibility and transparency across the PR team at Lacoste. We feel supported by Launchmetrics’ software, but also their friendly team. Their value cannot be compared or estimated.

Denis Buffart, Head of PR & Collaboration at Lacoste

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