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How Brands can maximize ROI at Sporting Events

Sports sponsorship has been around for centuries (some even date it back to Ancient Greece). However, the digital age of social media has clearly moved things forward since then, making sponsorship more attainable for brands. Fans can also now access sports content outside of stadiums, stream live events from platforms of their choice, and interact instantaneously on social media with other fans, teams, and event sponsors.

In this report, we explore why sports sponsorship remains an attractive option for brands, how they can maximize returns through smart activation, and which Voices and Channels generate the highest MIV®. 

We'll also take a deep dive into understanding the aim of sporting partnerships in reinforcing the brand image, generating more visibility, and increasing brand loyalty.

Inside you'll learn:

  • How sporting events and sports brands who work together keep their ‘’shared values’’ at the core essence of the partnership
  • How Ralph Lauren carefully balanced tradition with the leveraging of new Channels and Voices to drive MIV®.
  • The tactics employed by Louis Vuitton and Tag Heuer to leverage partnerships at the Monaco F1 Grand Prix.
  • Which Voice Rolex leveraged during Roland-Garros to maximize MIV®.

Download the report to discover the best-performing campaigns and best practices in driving greater MIV® through sports event sponsorship.