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Lacoste & Launchmetrics

Established by the french tennis legend René Lacoste in 1933, Lacoste has been recognized by its sporting values of high standards, fair play and daring. Through the generations they have passed down these values and have cultivated elegance as a way of being.

Their Challenge

Lacoste faced multiple changes in consumer preferences, rules of influence, the existence of unorganized information and inhomogeneous market metrics. In the face of these difficulties, the company decided to set as their main goalthe improvement of their position within these new diverse market. To achieve this, Lacoste had to create a reliable system that its PR team could use and, at the same time, the company needed to grow its brand performance.

The Solution

Lacoste turned to Launchmetrics’ solutions to help the brand adapt to these new consumers preferences. By integrating the entire Launchmetrics Brand Performance Cloud, Lacoste now has a developed system for samples management. As a result, the company has reduced the number of sample sets it needs to produce, whilst also ensuring maximum visibility. Additionally, the integrated Contacts and Events solutions has supported a smooth event organisation process, with all contacts details easily shared accross the global team. This has allowed the teams to review the results of different events globally, increasing team efficiency and performance of their events. With Launchmmetrics Discover, the Lacoste team has transparency on their Media Impact Value™, which has enabled the team to measure and benchmark the impact of all media placements through clear data reports.

The Result

  • Optimized their samples capabilities, improving the efficiency inventory ratio while developing a clean database
  • Increased the impact and efficiency across all communication activities
  • Obtained greater visibility in overall brand performance, supporting the development of further strategies

“Launchmetrics has given us accessibility and transparency across the PR team at Lacoste. We feel supported by Launchmetrics’ software, but also their friendly team. Their value cannot be compared or estimated.”

Head of PR & Collaboration at Lacoste

Launchmetrics Solution Samples, Contacts, Events, Discover, Data Reports

Brand Lacoste

Industry Fashion, sportswear

Customer Since 2019

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