5 Perks of a Digital Showroom

Combine the physical with the digital.
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In the fashion industry, a showroom is the pinnacle of a collection’s lifecycle. It’s the time where key influencers, stylists, editors and media alike gather to observe a collection for the very first time. In most cases, judgement passed down by these thought leaders is the determining factor as to which items will be featured on the runway. Once it’s over, creative directors make their final cut.

However, with the rise of social media platforms, opinions of these decision-makers are no longer confined to the physical world. Audiences are now global and closely connected in the digital space. As these online communities continue to grow, brands are looking for digital solutions to make their showrooms more mobile. This is the reason why many brands have chosen to combine the physical event with a digital showroom to get maximum coverage and cater to the new worldwide demand.

What You’ll Learn…

  • How to successfully position your product online to maximize coverage.
  • The importance of quality visual media as part of a solid brand building strategy.
  • How to do customized PR for influencers and other key people using a digital showroom.
  • Why a digital showroom is needed to control brand image and promote storytelling effectively.
  • The need to extract data from digital assets to make important production and merchandising decisions.
Download this complimentary ebook