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Decoding the Styles 
of FW22: Women's Ready To Wear

Discover the top FW22 trends. Uncover the most popular brands, looks and styles from the last season across the major Fashion Weeks.

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FW22: The key insights

The relevance of the runway during fashion week is unparalleled for fashion brands. It presents an opportunity not only to showcase the designer’s creative vision for the season, but also to drive awareness and brand buzz. Across Paris, Milan, New York and London, FW22 for Women’s RTW drove a total of $588M+ in MIV®.

However, planning future collections as a brand or creating impactful stories as a content creator is challenging, now more than ever. In this report, we will review the top designers, looks and FW22 trends to understand (1) the styles that brands showcased the most, and (2) the styles that resonated best with editors and industry members

The insights and learnings are gleaned from data that was collected between January - June of 2022 on Launchmetrics Spotlight. The report has been developed in partnership with Agnes Kubiak, a fashion trends expert.

What you'll find in this FW22 trends report

  • The top designer brands and looks with the highest number of unique downloads by editors and creators on Launchmetrics Spotlight from FW22 Women’s RTW
  • The overview of 16 styles (such as Sexy Body, Y2K, Cottage Core) that emerged as key FW22 trends, by brand participation, runway look classification, and number of downloads.
  • The most represented styles by brand and city (from New York, to London, Milan or Paris)

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