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Monitor the results of your campaigns across channels and markets

Know what influencers are saying about your brand

Track your brand’s campaigns, product launches, events, and competitors activity in real time.

  • Measure the ROI of your campaigns

    Track campaign's advertising value, reach and engagement with total precision. Navigate our dashboards to take actionable insights for the present and future.

  • Assess your influencer program

    Understand how influencers are conveying your message. Detect who is creating engagement among your target audience, and who is not.

  • Highlight your coverage

    Curate, assemble and share your campaign results in an attractive multimedia format, and allow your readers to instantly promote your articles on social.

  • Make smarter business decisions

    Provide strategic data to your e-commerce or sales team by showing which products are getting the most traction by market and audience type.

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Know what influencers are saying about your brand

"Launchmetrics allows us to provide an internal online and offline media review, and to monitor our reputation and capitalize on opportunities from the press."

Sandrine Diagana, Online Reputation Manager, L'Oréal Paris

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Use Cases

Campaign tracking

After a product launch, a consumer electronics brand compared the demographics of the audience reached by their influencers with the actual profile of their buyers.

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A fashion brand compared the impact of their show in the media and social channels with that of their 5 main competitors during Fashion Week.

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Influencer ranking

An automotive brand identified their top 5 influencers on each social network in order to invest in future content collaborations.

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Corporate intelligence

A leading French cosmetic brand who shared relevant campaign insights and results with each department on a daily basis.

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