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Find and engage the right influencers for your brand

Tap into the power of influencer data

  • Unique and enriched digital profiles

    Our influencers are much more than an Instagram account. Learn everything about them, from comprehensive social metrics to published content, contact info and topics of interest.

  • Influence score

    Using over 100 different ranking criteria, our cutting edge algorithm helps you assess an influencer's authority on a specific topic.

  • Audience demographics data

    Having relationships with influencers is great. Understanding their audience is even better. We provide you with the location, age groups, gender, and the interests of their followers so that you can zero in on them.

  • Engagement history

    Launchmetrics is the only platform that allows you to combine social and real life data. Know your influencers' past brand endorsements, invitations to shows, or product interests.

  • Community

    40K of your industry's most trusted voices already want to receive your brand news, event invitations and digital assets. Join them in FashionGPS Radar.

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Tap into the power of influencer data

Influencer identification and audience targeting

Influencer identification and audience targeting
  • Keyword-to-people

    Discover the influencers who will create the highest impact for your brand based on industry keywords , strategic positioning, or future campaigns objectives.

  • Audience expansion

    Our look-alike modeling analyzes your best influencers to help you find more similar people to expand your reach.

  • Enrichment

    Already have a list of influencers? Use our platform to complete their full digital profiles and receive automatic updates.

  • Matching

    Detect potential brand ambassadors by identifying the most influential voices among you brand's social following or customer base.

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Get insights from the most valuable audience

  • Monitoring & alerts

    Track the conversation before, during and after your launch. Filter the conversation by campaign, event name, region, or by influencer name.

  • Newsletter

    Receive daily highlights of your influencers activity on media, blog and social.

  • Insights

    Discover early trends from tastemakers, find emerging influencers and keep track of your share of voice.

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Get insights from the most valuable audience

"Identifying the right infuencers drastically increased the value of our events."

Hélène Dalifart, Press Manager, Chateau de Versailles

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Use Cases

Brand Positioning

A sophisticated Asian hospitality group identified influential voices on Art/Design in order to reshape their brand positioning.

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Product Launch

An automotive brand found influencers with an audience similar to that of their main competitor for an upcoming launch.

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Event Management

A NY Fashion Week brand invited influencers with the highest and most relevant social reach to their show, and tracked conversations during and after.

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Customer Advocacy

A luxury conglomerate tapped into their most influential existing customers to launch a limited edition vintage bag.

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