How Fashion Council Germany (FCG) simplified event management


Fashion Council Germany & Launchmetrics

The Fashion Council Germany (FCG) was founded in 2015 as an initiative to promote and establish fashion made in Germany as a cultural and economic asset. The FCG is the point of contact for German fashion design with the responsibility of political, media, cultural and industrial lobby work.

Fashion Council Germany's Challenge

As FCG began their work, they quickly realized there was an opportunity to build buzz outside the inner circle of fashion. A wide variety of guests were being invited to different events and in the beginning, guest management was coordinated using Excel spreadsheets and email invitations. However, this manual system did not provide the accountability and transparency needed, especially as the community quickly grew. It became crucial for FCG to develop an automatic system which could capture and manage all this informational efficiently and accurately.

The Solution

Fashion Council Germany realized they needed a unified system to rely upon when managing guest lists, invites and RSVPs. Furthermore FCG also wanted to implement a solution which could last for the long term and grow as the organisation did. It was important that the solution could simplify the entire process, so with these needs in mind, they turned to Launchmetrics Contacts and Events software solutions.

The Result

  • Centralized contact management
  • Digitized invites & RSVP tracking
  • Automated the check-in process

“We love the new drag and drop content creation feature. It allows us to work efficiently as well as include our personal touch each time we create an event. It also provides the freedom to apply our branding or the branding of our partners when needed.”

Communications Manager, FASHION COUNCIL GERMANY

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