How Thom Browne built its holistic samples management strategy


Thom Browne & Launchmetrics

Thom Browne is a fashion brand established in 2003, known for modernizing the traditional proportions of the suit. The designs are characterized by quality craftsmanship and precise tailoring and for the brand, the managment of it's samples is key to ensuring that the fabric and fit of new lines are exactly right.

Thom Browne's Challenge

The team at Thom Browne felt that they spent too much time navigating timelines and planning the delivery of samples internally and externally. In particular, the different departments dealt with a complex system of transferring the samples internally, reducing team efficiency. Whatsmore, it was also a company objective to ensure that the external sending of the samples was on time, in order to create and maximize on PR opportunities.

The Solution

Launchmetrics' Samples helped Thom Browne digitize and streamline it's samples process. After implementing Samples, the company was able to work with a system that gave teams visibility on where it's samples were at all times, as well as improved efficiency of internal and external samples transfers. The team was able to better plan the logistics around sample requests, ampliflying the potential of their samples. In addition, after implementing the new system, the team was able to measure the results of the brand's samples, including missed PR opportunities, to increase the brand's productivity.

The Result

  • Increased editorial exposure opportunities with samples arriving at the right place and the right time
  • Minimized sample loss and created a sense of security around all sample information and details
  • Saved time by creating transparency and real-time visibility across all departments and teams

"Launchmetrics is a Fashion Industry standard. We had heard about it from our industry contacts and feel that their solutions are easy to use and very helpful."

PR Manager at Thom Browne

Launchmetrics Solution Samples

Brand Thom Browne

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