Fashion GPS®, a Fashion Innovation Story


Fashion GPS® was founded in 2006 in New York City. While working for a leading fashion PR firm, founder Eddie Mullon observed an industry relying on archaic, unnecessarily time-consuming methods and from this he created a sample tracking system to manage the workflow between publicists and publications. At the time, the industry was managing their sample closet with a paper filing system.

Once he realized that users loved the product he decided that he needed to start to build a company that focused on creating these types efficiencies with the aim to build great products that simplify complex processes through technology.

In a short time, the Fashion GPS® software platform became the industry standard for event management (GPS EVENTS®), sample inventory tracking (GPS SAMPLES®) & data asset management. Fashion GPS® was the first to forge the way into thought leadership content to help brands understand all the key fashion trends and leverage insights to power their decision making across their operational business units.

Fashion GPS Company History