How Instagram hiding likes will affect the Launchmetrics platform?

Will the Launchmetric platform be affected by Instagram changes?

No, because of the significant investment in technology and technical infrastructure, if you are using any app of the Launchmetrics cloud, you will still be able to access Instagram engagement data and all the other metrics needed in order to measure plus track the success of an influencer marketing campaign.

Will I still be able to access influencer’s engagement data in the IRM app?

Yes, the Launchmetrics platform uses Instagram’s Graph API to collect essential performance metrics directly from the user’s account.

Will I still be able to monitor likes using Discover?

Yes, the Launchmetrics solution will still allow users to track the number of likes their coverage receives.

Will the number of likes still show in my reports and feeds? 

Yes, functionalities and user experience will not change.

How will you collect the number of likes once they are hidden?

Unlike other solutions in the market, we collect measurement metrics directly from the user profile’s page.