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Monthly Update

Welcome to our Data Watch Report! In this monthly post, you’ll discover the luxury watch brands that garnered the most impact during the previous month’s activity online and on social media. You’ll also learn about the Voices behind the impact, the top-ranking influencers, and the tiers of influencers that brands work with, alongside a month-on-month benchmark.

After analyzing the data this month, it's clear that a cast of all-star talent creates all-star media impact, and that luxury watch brands should be investing in Media publications that still hold a great amount of impact and influence. October saw a mixed bag of marketing strategies, that paid off for brands in different ways - whether it be through investing heavily in Owned Media channels and cultivated content, or leveraging external Voices to drum up buzz instead.

All of the stats featured in this report are thanks to our team of Data Scientists who use our proprietary Media Impact Value™ algorithm (MIV®) to measure the success of luxury watch brands’ campaigns.

luxury watch brands ranking

Celebrity Voices bring value

And this is proved by Tudor's performance when it came to their recent #BornToDare campaign, featuring Lady Gaga and David Beckham. The duo brought over $3M in MIV.

watch brands ranking

Media occupies a big space in the industry

Media is still the top-performing Voice for all of the luxury watch brands on our list, showing that publications (both online and offline) are a key marketing investment for luxury watch brands.


The data in this report is gathered with the use of Launchmentrics' proprietary Media Impact Value™ algorithm (MIV®) to analyze the Voices and impact generated around sustainability in the fashion and cosmetics industries on the following scope:

Period: Oct 1 - Oct 31, 2019.
Scope: The top luxury watch brands of the month by MIV.
Channels: Media (print and online), social
(Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter).


  • Media Impact Value: Launchmetrics’ proprietary Machine Learning algorithm provides brands with a unified currency to measure the value of all marketing activities across Voices, Channels, and Markets by assigning a monetary amount to every post, interaction, and article. It analyzes more than 100 quantitative and qualitative attributes including audience engagement, industry relevance, source authority, and content quality, to create a highly accurate method of measurement. MIV offers a unified way to calculate how brand equity is being created and which strategies create the most ROI.
  • Voices: Launchmetrics’ Voice-Centric approach highlights the Voices creating value today to provide a holistic view of marketing performance and cross-compare the impact various activities have on the customer lifecycle. From Media, Celebrities, Influencers, Partners and Owned Media, this methodology gives brands a unique framework to understand the ROI of these activities as well as the Voices that influence the customer buying journey from awareness and consideration to conversion and retention.
  • Share of Voice: Most of the figures represented in this report appear in percentages format. The concept of Share of Voice offers us a percentage view of the value – based on the MIV – generated by a brand, a segment of brands or an influencer, over a certain period of time, while the Share of Voice represents the percentage of mentions generated.
  • Influencer: An influencer is considered anyone with the capacity to attract audiences and generate reactions within them. According to this definition, they are categorized into four groups based on the volume of their community:
    - Micro Influencer (10K-100K)
    - Mid-Tier Influencer (100K-500K)
    - Mega Influencer (500K-2M)
    - All-Star Influencer (+2M)

Top Performers

Thanks to their most recent campaign launch featuring Lady Gaga and David Beckham, Tudor watches saw an increase in their total MIV by 128%. Whilst Tudor saw a huge jump thanks to their celebrity and influencer strategies, Audemars Piguet saw a similar result via a different channel. 91% of this brand's overall MIV came from the Media Voice, with a YouTube video by GQ bringing the most value for the brand. Finally, Bulgari Watches also performed well in the month of October, by featuring a different strategy altogether, with a fairly even Voice split. One thing that was particularly notable for the brand was their activation (successfully) of the Spanish market, which brought the highest percentage of the brand's MIV.

luxury watch brands ranking

This month, unlike last, most of the brands featured, opted for different strategies when directing their marketing investments over the month of October. Top-performer, Rolex, continued its upward impact, with increased visibility in China and France, while Hublot garnered almost all of its Media Impact Value from The United States. Overall, Tudor was the most efficient brand, when it came to the MIV the brand generated per placement. Whilst the brand's total MIV was $7.94 overall compared to Rolex's $36.8M, their MIV per placement was three times that of the latter brand. 

Top Influencers for luxury watch brands according to MIV®

This month, Tudor was by far the winner when looking at influencer or celebrity activations. Lady Gaga alone generated a total MIV of $2.59M for the brand across one month and 10 posts, with the brand also having the highest MIV per placement overall in the Celebrity Voice category. Aside from Tudor's campaign launch across all social platforms, Bulgari Watches also performed well in this category, as the brand interestingly specifically focused on the Spanish market, with influencers like Maria Pedraza and actor Mario Casas creating a lot of buzz.


$2.59M MIV

The top-performing Celebrity for the month of October was Lady Gaga, who took part in a campaign for Tudor watches with David Beckham which was featured across her feed.


$869K MIV

Perhaps unsurprisingly, David Beckham also performed highly as one of the faces of Tudor’s campaign – #BornToDare as the duo sat down together in conversation for a series of videos.


$798K MIV

A top-performing influencer with a stellar engagement rate, Maria Pedraza featured only one post in October for Bulgari Watches to achieve this extremely high MIV.


$379K MIV

Finally, model-turned-actress, Cara Delevingne, secured the fourth spot for influential luxury watch brand ambassadors, by posting a snap on her Instagram feed from her trip to Shanghai with Tag Heuer.

Influencer Mix

Although most of Tudor's value came from the Celebrity Voices that led their recent campaign, interestingly the brand garnered 88% of their influencer-based MIV, via Micro Influencers.

In fact, many brands this month decided to focus their efforts on Mid-Tier to Mega Influencers, with 4 out of the 10 top brands featuring no All-Star Influencers at all in their Voice Split by MIV. Audemars Piguet and Rolex followed a similar pattern, by evening out their influencer activations across all four tiers. However, Bulgari Watches' focus on Mega Influencers helped them obtain the second-top spot in the influencer performance space.

88% of Tudor's MIV via influencers came from the Micro Influencer tier.

Bulgari once again had the highest MIV per placement in the Influencer Voice specifically.

For all of the brands across the board, Instagram was the social platform that brought the highest value.

Voice Split

As with last month, the group that brings the most Media Impact Value is the 'Media' Voice, which includes print, online and social media forms. Cartier Watches and Patek Philippe were the brands that equally saw the most payoff in this department, with 93% of their MIV being generated by this Voice alone. Specifically localized branches of popular publications brought an increased MIV to the brands with Esquire Italia, Beijing Youth Weekly, and Elle Spain being amongst a few of the top value sources.

For Hublot, their Owned Media was essential for their Voice strategy as it matched the value brought by Media coverage. Their Owned Media generated $3.5M in MIV and was as a result of the content posted on their Instagram feed in October, as they launched their new watch, the MP-11 Saxem. Another brand that leveraged this Voice was Tag Heuer, once again seeing success through specific product shots on their Instagram feed. This style of content for luxury watch brands on their owned channels seems to pay off as it has proved successful for both brands this month.

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