Launchmetrics launches initiative to bring Influencers’ street style back to Fashion Week, in partnership with Digital Brand Architects

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Launchmetrics launches initiative to bring Influencers’ street style back to Fashion Week, in partnership with Digital Brand Architects

Influencers will be able to submit and syndicate their FW street style images to Launchmetrics’ photo division, IMAXTree, a network of 2K+ media and publishers

New York, February 11, 2021 — Launchmetrics, the leading Brand Performance Cloud for the Fashion, Luxury & Beauty (FLB) industries, announces their new initiative which aims to revive the industry and recover the loss in Media Impact ValueTM,  caused by digital-first Fashion Weeks.  With the support of Digital Brand Architects, industry leaders in the influencer management, they’re bringing influencer street style content back to Fashion Weeks — digitally. 

Virtual fashion weeks have flipped content production on its head.  Traditionally during this time of year, brands and media would rely on influencers to create inspiring content and build connections with their consumers — creating excitement around the events and driving traffic to their owned media channels.  Yet in today’s post-COVID, digital-first Fashion Week, the industry is left with a lack of assets to share, having to rely solely on the fashion show content distributed by the brands.  Not only did the consumer enjoy seeing their favorite influencers being a part of the conversation but without them, brands, media outlets and Fashion Weeks are seeing their Media Impact ValueTM suffer. 

Looking back a year ago, in FW20, the Media Impact ValueTM of Influencer posts during New York, London, Milan and Paris was nearly one-third of all the coverage but as fashion weeks moved virtual, there were less opportunities; in SS21 the influencer figures decreased by 17% — a large portion of brands’ MIV® which needed to be generated otherwise.  

To bring back influencer street style to Fashion Weeks and support brands, influencers and the media alike, Launchmetrics, in collaboration with Digital Brand Architects, is offering influencers the opportunity to syndicate their Fashion Week street style images through their photo division, IMAXTree — which boasts a network of 2,000+ media and publishers including the likes of Vogue, Harper’s, ELLE, Marie Claire, Grazia, among others.  DBA’s network of over 190 of the most prominent social media influencers who, in aggregate, have a reach of 200 million-plus will be among the influencers sharing content.  Today, the likes of Alegra Shaw, Amelie Zilber, Brittany Xavier, Caila Quinn, Cass DiMicco, Coco Bassey, Elena Taber, Jenny Cipoletti, Kellie Brown, Kristina Zias, Liv Perez, Paola Alberdi, Riley Hubatka, Sterling Monett, Zahra and more are committed to join the action, with their Fashion Week street style images available for download on throughout the season’s events. 

“Since its inception, Fashion Week has evolved drastically over the last decade to recognize the influence of digital talent. From attending as invitees to now walking alongside models during the most talked-about shows, influencers have proven to be instrumental in publicizing fashion's latest and greatest in a different, more approachable way,” explains Reesa Lake, Partner and Executive Vice President at DBA.  “Given the many limitations amid COVID-19, their ability to ideate creative, engaging content across social platforms has increased their overall value for audiences and brand partners alike. We are excited to partner with LaunchMetrics, a leader in creating inspiring, impactful and measurable brand experiences, to bring the new version of "street style" to life.”

“We’re excited to bring awareness and amplify the Influencer Voice, as it remains a key component in driving Media Impact Value during Fashion Weeks,” states Alison Bringé, CMO at Launchmetrics.  “In recent years, we have seen the industry events shift to being more consumer-focused, with Fashion Weeks becoming more democratic.  Yet in the absence of star-studded shows and other social gatherings which contribute to the overall buzz, brands need to think about how they will grab their audience’s attention, to remind them to tune in to the virtual events… and influencers are the perfect ally — it keeps the event grounded in reality versus remaining in the purely digital world and invites the consumer to follow-along through the eyes of their favorite content creator”

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About Launchmetrics:

Launchmetrics is the leading Brand Performance Cloud used by Fashion, Luxury and Beauty (FLB) executives to connect with the modern consumer in a constantly changing landscape. With over a decade of industry expertise, Launchmetrics helps more than 1,000 customers create inspiring, impactful and measurable experiences.

Its Brand Performance Cloud provides companies with the tools and intelligence they need to optimize the use of their creative assets, execute powerful brand amplification programs and measure their brand performance. The company’s AI-driven and proprietary Media Impact ValueTM gives customers the ability to benchmark their performance against 2,000 competitors worldwide. Launchmetrics' intelligence empowers these companies to grow their businesses and streamline their processes, bringing a sharp focus to profitability, accountability, and efficiency while enabling the type of quick decision making required for agility.

Founded in New York and with operating headquarters in Paris, Launchmetrics has employees in ten markets worldwide and offers support in five languages.   Launchmetrics has been the trusted brand performance technology to brands worldwide such as Dior, Fendi, TopShop, Shiseido, 

NET-A-PORTER and Adidas as well as partners like IMG, the Council of Fashion Designers of America, the British Fashion Council, Camera Nazionale Della Moda Italiana, and the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode.

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About Digital Brand Architects:

DBA is the industry leader in the influencer management and marketing landscape, representing a world class portfolio of diverse social media-oriented personalities, creators, and publishers. Founded in 2010, DBA was the first digital influencer management company to recognize the rise of new media voices and manage them as individual talent.

Now, with over 150 of the most prominent social media influencers who, in aggregate, have a reach of 200 million-plus, DBA masters the multi-platform constellation of the ever-shifting media space, blending decades of brand strategy and communications expertise. Focusing on top-level content and storytelling as well as native advertising and brand development, DBA continues to move digital culture forward.

In 2015, DBA launched Digital Brand Products (DBP) to empower its talent and other digital-native properties in developing, manufacturing, and selling their own merchandise.

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