Launchmetrics releases first dedicated influencer search, activation & measurement tool exclusively for fashion, luxury & cosmetics industries

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Launchmetrics Releases First Dedicated Influencer Search, Activation & Measurement Tool Exclusively for Fashion, Luxury & Cosmetic Industries

Launch coincides with release of company’s fourth annual State of Influencer Marketing Report that highlights growing IRM business with nearly 80% of fashion, luxury and cosmetic professionals implementing influencer campaigns in 2017

NEW YORK (April 6, 2018) - Launchmetrics, the premier technology, and data analytics provider for the Fashion, Luxury & Cosmetic industries, today announced the release of its new Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) tool, Influencers by Launchmetrics. The platform is a product of the recent acquisition of Style Coalition; combining the company’s nearly decade of expertise in Influencer Marketing with Launchmetrics’ technological know-how.

“With the world of influencer marketing continuing to mature our clients have been demanding more sophisticated tools that go beyond the simple marketplace and address the unique needs of the FLC market,” said Yuli Ziv, Founder of Style Coalition & CEO, Influencer Marketing Division @ Launchmetrics.  “Our new tool, Influencers, brings together the art & science of influencer marketing; combining our nearly decade long premium brand experience with the technology to address the challenges of influencer identification, campaign workflow and measurement in one platform.”

Influencers will be a self-service tool to allow brands to identify, activate and measure projects with Style Coalition’s premium network of opted-in influencers. Additionally, the new offering will give brands visibility of the influencer’s impact way beyond the campaign with the help of Launchmetrics’ global Data Team. Utilizing the company’s proprietary audience-driven, Media Impact Value (MIV) algorithm, brands will be able to understand how their influencer activations impact their Brand Equity across different voices, channels, media types, time periods, products, regions and more.

This new, highly accurate MIV methodology uses both quantitative and qualitative data to help brands better arbitrate their budgets and understand how influencer programming is impacting their consumer, owned media and traditional media projects as well as benchmark it against their competitors. With the growing internalization of these job functions, the new self-service tool will assist marketers with relationship management, guidance on campaign workflows, pricing and measurement for more successful influencer campaigns with additional managed services options for clients with unique programming needs.

The launch takes place to coincide with the release of Launchmetrics’ Fourth Annual State of Influencer Marketing Report 2018. The report surveys both industry professionals and this year, for the first time ever, influencers, to understand how this industry is evolving and how Fashion, Luxury & Cosmetic brands are being impacted by this phenomenon.

With report findings showing that Influencer Marketing still a growing trend in the fashion, luxury and cosmetics sector with nearly 80% of the respondents claiming to use this method in 2017 vs 2016 (+15% from the State of Influencer Marketing Report 2017). The professionalization of this trend as articulated by the survey results show growth in budgets, investment in specialized tools, the creation of in-house teams dedicated to relationships and campaigns with influencers.

Nearly 60% of survey respondents also noted influencer identification and campaign measurement as key challenges when working with influencers and less than 4% of respondents claiming to use agencies for help.

“The new IRM platform combined with our decade of expertise working in data will give clients the opportunity to leverage influencer marketing campaigns in new ways,” said Michael Jais, CEO of Launchmetrics. “Our ability to mix both the data of the influencers with our MIV algorithm will give brands a more precise way to measure and augment how they engage with voices across different channels and strategies.”

For almost 10 years Style Coalition has been building a network of the industry’s top influencers while managing and producing their campaigns for the world’s most renowned brands. From branded social content, video and experiential marketing to display and native advertising, Style Coalition was one of the pioneers in this newly created market. 

Key Features of Influencers by Launchmetrics:

  •     Access to Premium Opted-In Influencer Network of Micro, Mid-Tier & Mega Influencers
  •     Extensive Influencer Targeting & Search Capabilities (including audience-specific metrics)
  •     Integrated Casting, Contract Negotiation & Payment Tools
  •     Content & Production Management Features with content timelines and draft approval workflows
  •     API integrations for real-time metrics of what is being shared, where and by whom
  •     Access to campaign insights based on Style Coalition’s history of IM campaign data
  • Ability to compare results to industry standards

Press Contact:

Katherine KNIGHT
Corporate Communications Director 

About Launchmetrics

Launchmetrics provides the technology, data insights and tools that Fashion, Luxury and Cosmetic companies need to accelerate their business and build lasting exposure. Over 1,000 brands such as Christian Louboutin, Fendi, NET-A-PORTER, Topshop and Swarovski as well as partners like IMG, the Council of Fashion Designers of America, the British Fashion Council and Google, use Launchmetrics to discover, activate and measure the voices that matter for their brands. The company’s three business units, Influencer Relations Management, Launch to Market & Media Intelligence will play a significant role in how the company addresses the different teams within the field of Fashion, Luxury and Cosmetics. Launchmetrics’ GPS Radar platform brings together over 50,000 designers, editors, buyers and influencers worldwide in a perpetually evolving digital community.

Launchmetrics was created in 2016 with the merger of Augure, a global powerhouse in Influencer Marketing and Fashion GPS, the premier technology provider for the Fashion industry since 2006. Launchmetrics has since acquired media monitoring & intelligence company, Visual Box as well as Style Coalition, leading influencer network agency.