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#LaunchmetricsProTips Galleries Chapter 1: Manage and take control of your Digital Assets

Gina Gulberti

In this new series #LaunchmetricsProTips, we will walk you through Launchmetrics’ Brand Performance Cloud, as well as its different solutions and applications. Through short videos, discover all the benefits and features that each app has to offer. This article focuses on digital asset management using your customizable content library via Launchmetrics Galleries.

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All brands create visual content to be shared on their social media platforms, or e-commerce sites, and through marketing materials like print ads or lookbooks. Oftentimes, these images and videos end up in permanent folders on different stakeholders’ desktops or within a shared folder in a shared drive. Sharing this visual content can be quite difficult because it requires re-downloading and transferring through sites like WeTransfer or using a Google link. All in all, it takes time to organize the images in folders before sharing them. Thus, that is when a digital asset management software that is made for the Fashion, Luxury and Beauty industry can make this process run much smoother.

Is there an easier way to organize my images and videos? 

The best way to store all your digital assets is in a cloud application so that you can have access to the content at any time and from anywhere you want. Thus, different people in your team or different teams could have access to the same content as and when they need it, to share the latest collection images or even videos from the past seasons and collections. Building an organized content library by collection, season, and album will make it effortless to share via email and even add your brand’s watermark on the image if needed. 

The flexibility is invaluable, you can build folders for specific limited editions or special campaigns and you can have different content libraries for different brands and teams within your company. These libraries become great internal digital fashion galleries for your reference.

Why not check out our Launchmetrics #ProTips video to explore what a digital content library can look like? 

#LaunchmetricsProTips: Galleries

How to get started and choose a digital asset management system? 

Using a digital asset management will require taking some time to back track and upload all of your videos and images from past seasons into the content library, but once done, you have all your content storage in one place that can be shared directly or via email. This will become your digital gallery within our digital asset management tool.

From there, you can start using your content library as a base to build personalized digital showrooms for press and Influencers so they can discover and request samples from your collection. We will publish another #LaunchmetricsProTips on this topic in the near future, diving into how to share your digital assets to press and Influencers. 

All in all, we want to help you manage and truly take control of your digital assets, so why not explore Digital Asset Management through Launchmetrics Galleries?

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