How Lancôme, Charlotte Tilbury and Dior Beauty leveraged the Oscars to drive Media Impact Value™

Aleksandra Rakowska

Awards season is a time to honor a diverse range of international creative talent… and yet we can’t help but daydream about all the stunning red carpet moments. With that, Oscars are a perfect opportunity for brands to showcase their product, gain exposure and drive Media Impact Value™.

But it isn’t just Fashion brands who cleverly leverage the event, employing diverse marketing strategies. Being a key event on the FLB calendar, The Academy Awards is also a great place for Beauty brands to leverage partnerships with key attending Voices, tapping into new audiences and expanding reach.

As conversations around the Oscars pick up again, brands are tapping into the highly anticipated event to drive conversations during their peak and leverage the key moments to create brand opportunities (Google Trends, 2022)

Using our proprietary algorithm Media Impact Value™ (MIV®), our data experts investigated online and social media mentions for Beauty brands at this years’ Academy Awards, analyzing the strategies that drove the most MIV® for brands between March 25th and April 4th.

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Creating proximity


Deciding on which Voices to partner with is key to any strategic marketing execution. Through aligning with a Brand Ambassador, brands make sure the partnership is organic and authentic. However, to cut through the traditionally Fashion-dominated conversations around the Oscars, Beauty brands need to focus on creating versatile content with a unique approach.

For this occasion, Lancôme tapped into a long standing relationship with its Global Brand Ambassador, Zendaya. Taking to her Instagram Stories, the actress announced that using Lancôme products, she did her own makeup for the event, stating “Once in a while I do my own beat.” By tapping into a unique, DIY take on the actress’ makeup, Lancôme created proximity with their audience, positioning the brand as accessible and making the partnership more relatable. 

By collaborating with Zendaya, Lancôme was able to gain $2 million in MIV® from a single post, reaching the actress’ 137 million followers and further expanding the impact through Media covering the unusual choice of sovereignty in creating the makeup look, as well as the brand’s Owned Media channels.

Leveraging Oscars Buzz to Enhance Campaigns 

Timing new product releases with key events like the Oscars, is one of the strategies to drive even further MIV® leading up to and post event.

With Owned Media placements covering the Oscar looks, Charlotte Tilbury cleverly tapped into this strategy, including further announcements related to the newest #PillowTalkParty campaign. Not only did the brand mention the collection in each Oscar-related post, but also used the products from the yet-to-be-released collection to create the looks, building anticipation and leveraging the key moment to drive engagement beyond the event.

Nine out of ten of Charlotte Tilbury’s Owned Media Academy Awards posts mentioned products from the Pillow Talk collection. Shared via Instagram alone, they generated a total MIV® of $387K for the brand, amplifying the performance of the #PillowTalkParty campaign. 

Brand on Brand

Large brands with respective lines often leverage products from multiple lines to form an integrated, one-brand strategy. By leaning on their respective Owned Media channels, they are able to increase the collective Media Impact Value™ and speak to a larger audience.

Dior, who collaborated with one of its global ambassadors – Anya Taylor-Joy, not only dressed the actress head-to-toe in Dior AW22, but also created a red carpet makeup look using products from its Dior Beauty line. By employing a cross-product approach, the brand created a cohesive brand storytelling, as well as boosted the total MIV®. The beauty brand generated $641K in MIV® across only 6 placements on Dior Beauty’s Instagram. Through posting on Dior’s main account, the brand was able to generate further $226K in Media Impact Value™, boosting Dior Beauty’s MIV® by 35%.

Top Beauty placements from 2022 Oscars

Key Takeaways 

  • Curate relatable content. With the shift from authenticity to relatability, you should center your marketing efforts around content that positions your brand and product as accessible and relatable. Partner with Celebrities in new, unique ways to demonstrate how a product fits into the audience's daily lives, beyond the red carpet moment. 
  • Align the timing of your product launch & capitalize on the event to amplify buzz. Leveraging the peak in brand conversations linked to the global event will not only drive your current Media Impact Value™, but amplify the impact of your other campaigns, generating a longtail impact. 
  • Lean on all product categories to maximize reach. Choosing to work with a Celebrity on a head-to-toe look will build a cohesive brand narrative, while employing a cross-product approach will allow you to gain access to a wider audience and boost your individual and collective brand performance.
  • Finally, accessing the most recent data around your brand performance, as well as that of other players in the industry will be key in planning your marketing strategy. Tap into competitor data to gain valuable insights and improve your brand performance.

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